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And We’re Off…

We had a great Fall Kickoff Thursday night. 127 students showed up from UNO, Creighton, Grace, Metro and College of St. Mary. I’m excited that we had a ton of freshmen this year. Just think, we are constantly 4 years from extinction if we don’t reach new students and have a strong freshman class every year.

Gabe and the band did a great job leading us! I’m not sure if I’m biased or if there is something really unique about worshiping with college students on Thursday nights, but it’s always a time when I feel the most connected to God throughout the week.

Jared and Andrew shared their vision for 8:08 South Campus. They’re starting a new big group night on Sunday nights at UNO’s South Campus starting in a couple weeks. It’ll be cool to see how God uses it. These guys are sharp leaders and will do a great job.

Levi Terrell (middle-left) is a UNO football standout. He was conference freshman of the year last year and led the team in rushing with 235 carries for 1,182 yards. And that after not playing in UNO’s first four games. He also loves Jesus and was a stud to help me move a ridiculously heavy gun safe out of my parents basement this summer.

Kelsy Janda (middle-right) is a phenominal artist. She is studying graphic design at the Creative Center. She puts in a ton of hours producing all the digital graphics and fliers for 8:08 and does an awesome job. She’s also leading a small group this year and lives in a house with 8 college girls. Insane!

5 Reasons I’m Excited for This Fall in 8:08

1) Double Your Impact! Our whole church is going on a spiritual adventure to double our impact. 8:08 is not an exception. We’ll be focusing the first several weeks of 8:08 studying the book of Acts and discovering how the church is designed to be a multiplicative movement, not a social club or religious monument. We’re asking God to double our impact on our campuses, in our city and around the world.

2) Awesome Worship! I’m so thankful for Gabe Jasso and everyone who contributes to the musical worship on Thursday nights. We are designed to worship and I’m so thankful for our worship leaders who are both genuine worshipers of God and outstanding musicians. I’m excited to raise my hands to the King of the universe in a room packed with college students!

3) All Star Leaders! Jon and I got to spend this last weekend in NE City planning, preparing, and praying with all of our small group leaders for this fall. Small group discipleship is the heartbeat of 8:08 and this year God has brought together a team of godly, humble, committed leaders who are fired up about Jesus and the chance to lead their peers this fall.

4) South Campus! One way we’re seeking to double our impact is through 8:08 South Campus. UNO is experiencing rapid growth on its south campus with a new, state-of-the-art business college and several new dormitories. Jared Parsons is leading the charge for a new 8:08 weekly big group at UNO’s south campus on Sunday nights at 8:08.

5) God Will Show Up! Every year God does things that we never could have prayed for or planned for. Every year God brings in new sold-out Christ followers to help lead the community and new students who are far from God to experience the gospel for the first time. Every year the gospel transforms lives. Every year deep relationships are formed. This year will be filled with retreats, worship nights, small group studies and countless one-on-one conversations. I can’t wait to see how God is going to work through it all.