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What we believe

In God who eternally exists as one God in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit

In Jesus who is fully God and fully man

The Holy Spirit
In the Holy Spirit who lives within all believers to teach, empower and guide

The Bible
In the Bible as the trustworthy and true communication from God

Forgiveness of sins
In the forgiveness of sins purchased once and for all by Jesus’ death on the cross

New life
In new life today and forever, assured by Jesus’ bodily resurrection from the dead for all who wholeheartedly trust in His death and resurrection

In the return of Jesus to usher in the Kingdom of God in all its fullness


CCC takes seriously God’s command to share His life-impacting message of love with the city, the nation and the world. A partnership with The Hospital for Women and Children in Mali, a partnership with North Omaha ministries and an orphanage in Beijing are ongoing initiatives with impact unique to this hour in history. The vision is for the transformation of Omaha, China and Mali one life at a time through risk-taking, groundbreaking approaches and generosity.

Doubling the impact

Double the lives finding joy in the new life of Jesus
Double the number of RISKS disciples growing and serving others
Double the resources given to the global cause of Jesus Christ