We all have defining moments in our lives – challenging circumstances, relational pain and transitional seasons. How we respond during these times has a direct impact on our future. Renewal Ministries provides a network of ministries, helpful resources, trained volunteers and professional counselors to help you and your loved ones move forward. We want to provide encouragement and help you make wise decisions in some of life’s most critical times.

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Marc's testimony

Marc Montanye

My childhood left scars that seemed they could never heal. Born to unwed teen parents, I experienced a difficult life. When I was 11, my father asked me to hand-deliver his suicide note to my mother. And though my teen years were relatively normal, the effects of my past and my choices as an adult would devastate my life.

I met my wife Sharon and we had three boys. College and work strained our relationship and Sharon broke down. She needed me to be a husband and father. I quit school but became bitter and vowed to leave once the kids were old enough. Eight years later I decided that time had come. I had convinced myself that Sharon didn’t love me and neither did the boys, so I left my family and filed for divorce.

After I left, I began reading the Bible and going to church, looking for something to fill the hole in my life. I had no idea who God was until someone explained Him to me. Months of reading Scripture changed how I saw myself: I was a sinner. The life I had created for myself was not the life God intended for me to live. I began to understand how I could honor Him: forgive, love, obey, believe and follow Christ.

In July 2010, I prayed to God that I would live the rest of my life in service to Him. I lost everything, including my job and home, and I had to start over, but I was willing to sacrifice everything for Christ. In September, Sharon and I began to talk civilly and God began to redeem our marriage.

Sharon and I attended groups and classes offered at CCC, as well as Sunday worship. Through Relationships 101, DivorceCare, Love & Respect, Redemption, Men of Integrity and Theophostic Prayer Ministry, we grew spiritually and continue to grow in our relationships with our children, family members, friends, each other, and most importantly, with God.

- Marc Montanye

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