God, I have a question
God, I have a question
Explore the topics below and discover answers to your questions about God.
Christianity 101
Lead Pastor Mark Ashton explores some of the basic questions people frequently ask about God, Christianity and the Bible.
Tough Questions
Tim Perry, Pastor of Spiritual Discovery, digs deep into difficult topics throughout the Bible. Tough Questions were originally presented during Project 4:4, CCC's year-long chronological study of the Bible.
30 minute messages designed for those who want to more fully explore the answers to the questions we all ask about God, faith, the Bible and Christianity.
Solomon, his song and the meaning of life
  1. Solomon's song
  2. The meaning of life
Rock the temple
  1. Fearfully and wonderfully made
A good God in hard times
  1. Law of linearity
The Rescue
  1. Nehemiah
God of second chances
  1. Messed Up messengers
  1. History through the cross
  1. Break the rules
God, I have a question
  1. God, I Have Question 4.13.13 - 5.5.13
Skeptics Challenge
Pastor of Spiritual Discovery Tim Perry, Professor & Academic Dean of Grace University John Holmes and Online Campus Pastor Robert Murphy answer tough questions at the Gathering Skeptics Challenge open Q&A