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Mali Hospital Prayer Network

Since opening its doors in 2006, the Hospital for Women and Children in the city of Koutiala (koo-CHAL-ah), has delivered over 11,000 babies, performed nearly 2,000 surgeries, and saved countless lives. In the midst of this, Jesus name has been made famous and Malians have come to know the Lord as their personal Savior.  To accomplish this work the staff and field personnel rely on God for His provision.

A partner in the work at the hospital, CCC is being invited into a deeper relationship with the hospital team in Mali. The team is asking that the church commit to intentional, specific and committed prayer for their work, their families and for each person as an individual. CCC has agreed to be the first church to come alongside the hospital in this way. Our goal is that hundreds of committed prayer warriors commit to support them in prayer.


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