Matthew's Book
Matthew's Book
Get ready for an all-church adventure in 2014. Plan to engage with daily reading and questions exploring the identity, actions and teachings of Jesus. Commit to be at CCC for Sunday messages to hear about the teachings of the King and his Kingdom. Matthew's Book is a fifteen week exploration of the Book of Matthew that will change your life.


Be at CCC in 2014 to dig deep in the Book of Matthew. Experience weekly teaching and worship every week.


Read through the Book of Matthew 3 times:
1) 1.5 Read 28 chapters in 35 days
2) 2.9 Read it once more
3) 3.16 Read it again
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A short term model gathering friends and neighbors to explore the ultimate sermon – The Sermon on the Mount. Register today to locate a Field Group in your neighborhood.

Field Group Sessions

As you read through the Book of Matthew, ask yourself these questions:

Reading one

Focus on Jesus' identity
  • What evidence in this text helps us understand Jesus' humanity? Jesus divinity?
  • What evidence can you find that Jesus was a King setting up an eternal kingdom?
  • What from this book would you conclude was Jesus primary mission and purpose?

Reading two

Focus on Jesus' actions
  • What did His actions communicate about his priorities?
  • How did His actions value people and community?
  • What are some of the proactive actions of Jesus that enabled him to stay in the wake of the Spirit or in dependence on His Father? What can we learn from these disciplines?

Reading three

Focus on Jesus' teaching
  • What do you learn about the kingdom of God?
  • Who do you identify with / why? Where do you see Jesus' teaching intersect your life?
  • Reflect on Jesus teachings, where do you need His grace / His empowerment?
Matthew's Book

Field Guide

Your journey through Matthew's Book requires a personal field guide to chart observations and document the exploration.

This all-in-one field guide is divided into 3 sections and will function as your daily companion. In Section 1 record your observations from the Sunday messages. In Section 2 you'll document discoveries and applications from your daily readings as you survey 28 chapters of the New Testament through three distinctive lenses.

Section 3 supports your experience in a Field Group - a simple model gathering friends and neighbors in living rooms across the city to share and explore the ultimate kingdom sermon – the Sermon on the Mount.

Commit to immerse yourself in the study experience. Carry your guide with you and be ready for a deeper experience and accelerated growth as you document your encounter with God.

Field Guides available at the Media Booth in the Atrium at Old Mill ($5) or on amazon.

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