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Mali Container Project

Once a year, CCC sends a large sea container, the size of a semi-truck trailer, to Mali, West Africa, to support many ministry partners, including the Koutiala hospital, Bethel Bible School, and the newest initiative, Hands of Honor. Koutiala Hospital needs medical supplies and equipment, such as surgery tables, stretchers, and items for hospital workers. Bethel Bible School needs large whiteboards for classrooms, as well as paint and other construction items to complete the new student housing. CCC will send a tractor for a new sustainable fish-farm project ran by Shawn and Becky McCabe.

Hands of Honor is an anti-trafficking initiative in Mali, created by Shawn and Becky McCabe. It reaches out to teenage girls who are domestic servants, but are often mistreated. An important commercial trade in Mali is the selling of used clothing, accessories, and toys. Many stores sell used goods from the United States, and the missionaries often find goods with Goodwill tags still attached. Hands of Honor will have a booth at the Monday market, where the girls will sell items. Profit from the sales will support the ministry and give the girls tangible ways to make money. See the list below for specific clothing and goods to donate. Donate boxes of cereal to send in the sea container to bless the missionaries and their families serving in Mali. The goal is to send 500 boxes.

Approved clothing and goods for Hands of Honor: Men’s clothing, Women’s clothing (including bras and sleep-wear), Junior’s clothing, Children’s clothing (including underwear), Infant’s clothing (including cloth diapers), Shoes for all ages, Lightweight scarves, Purses, Belts, Sunglasses, Jewelry, Baseball hats, Watches, Soccer cleats, Shin guards, Soccer balls, Dressed Barbies, Dolls, Balls, Small cars (no remote control), Matchbox cars, Small stuffed animals, Back packs, Water bottles.

Items not to include: Winter outerwear such as heavy jackets, Winter boots, Gloves, Maternity clothing, Ladies sizes in shorts, Ladies sizes in swimsuits, Wallets, Board games, Books, Activity toy sets, Electronic items, Bulky items that take up space, Decor.

For more information, contact Craig Walter / / 402.938.1536

History of CCC in Mali

The country of Mali has long been one of the most impoverished nations on the planet. Famine, disease, hunger and mistreatment of the poor and weak have made Mali a dangerous place to be a woman or child. After seeing many die during childbirth, Olive Gifford, a C&MA nurse, had a God-sized dream of building a hospital in Mali focusing on prenatal and delivery care for women and children. In 2002, Olive presented her idea to the C&MA, and with the Alliance's approval, began asking churches in the US to support the initiative. In 2004, CCC responded, and generously raised over $1.3 million to help build the hospital. CCC sent not only money but nurses, doctors, construction teams, and other support. The Koutiala Women & Children's hospital was opened in Mali's third largest city in 2006. Since the hospital's opening, over 10,000 babies have been delivered safely, over 1,500 surgeries have been performed and hundreds of Malians and their families have entered into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

In 2010, CCC again felt the call to have a God-sized impact in Mali when the Malian C&MA National Church asked CCC to consider helping with their local Bible school, Bethel Bible College. The need in Mali for missionary pastors is staggering - the C&MA alone has over 1,000 churches but just 500 pastors, only half of whom have been formally educated in the Bible. Bethel Bible College, located in Koutiala just a few miles from the hospital, had great potential to train many effective leaders but was in a state of disrepair: electricity only a few hours per day, insufficient water supply, horrible student housing, not enough food or school supplies, and broken down classrooms. Physical conditions made Bethel a difficult place to study the Bible. In 2010, as part of CCC's Double Your Impact vision, CCC took up the goal of investing in Bethel Bible College. After just two years, conditions at Bethel have improved dramatically and has gone from 20 future pastors trained each year to almost 50 students enrolled in the 2012-2013 school year. There is still much work to be done at Bethel – read below for updates.

Hospital for Women and Children

The medical needs experienced by women and children in Mali are absolutely staggering, easily among the worst in the entire world. Approx. 1 out of 15 Malian women die in pregnancy or childbirth and 25% of children born here never see their 5th birthday. In May of 2006 the Koutiala Women's and Children's hospital, built on a 8 acre campus just outside the city of Koutiala in southeastern Mali, opened its doors providing full maternity services to the city and surrounding areas. The Hospital is a part of a medical ministry that also supervises 8 rural clinics within a 150 mile circle surrounding Koutiala.

Presently there are four main patient care buildings. Three are mainly for the women's services: one for urgent care, surgery and delivery; a second for in-patient care; and the third for consultations, lab work and the pharmacy. The fourth structure is the Pediatric Center which houses the outpatient clinic and in-patient care. It is the first Protestant hospital in the entire country, an area twice the square mileage of the state of Texas. Only 1% of the Malian population is Christian. The hospital's goal is to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus Christ to the people of Mali through the provision of quality, specialized health care, and to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

CCC was blessed to be the primary funding church for the hospital providing finances in excess of $1.3 million to build and equip the hospital. CCC also sent 15 different medical and construction teams to assist wherever needed; has sent three sea containers full of medical supplies and medical equipment for the ongoing needs of the hospital; and has provided additional funding to build a nursing school. CCC continues to assist the hospital wherever needed with special projects and continues to collect medical supplies to send via sea container.

Bethel Bible College

In 2010 the C&MA Malian National Church asked CCC if we would help them reach a very God-sized goal. Their dream was that by the year 2015 Bethel would have at least 100 Pastors in training each year. In 2010 Bethel had just 20 students being trained in their 3-year Bible college program. At that time Bethel had only enough electricity for 6 hours per day, meaning students had to go out and study underneath street lights. They had classrooms in disrepair with holes in the roof. They did not have enough water for the students and their families and little water to grow their gardens. They had insufficient books in their library. Students were unable to afford to come to Bethel and when they did, they had to bring all of their own food which was almost always insufficient to last the 6-month school year. CCC again accepted the call to have an impact in Mali and has completed Phase 1 of our Bethel Enhancement plan.

Bethel now has electricity 24 hours per day. They now have 4 classrooms completely renovated with a new roof, new floors, repaired walls, and new blackboards. Each Bethel student now receives a monetary grant so they can afford to attend school and provide food for their families. They now have sufficient water to not only take care of their families but to also grow huge gardens. And they are in the process of upgrading their library with new books and computers for study. In the 2012-2013 school year Bethel had 46 students so their student population has more than doubled in the last two years. Yet there is still much work to be done to reach the goal of 100 Pastors in training by 2015.

CCC is investigating Phase 2 of the enhancement plan which may include new student housing, more classrooms, financial assistance for professors, more electricity, expansion of their chicken farm, and more.