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One of the biggest threats that we see as American Christians is that we would become comfortable in our Christianity. We want to be people who are willing to put it all on the line and take risks for the sake of the Gospel." Lead Pastor Mark Ashton


Relies on God

  • for forgiveness and new life
  • for growth and identity
  • for healing and wholeness

Initiates interest

  • through prayerful observations
  • through reciprocal relationships
  • through spiritual conversations

Serves people

  • in the neighborhood
  • in the city
  • in the world

Kingdom investor

  • invests time
  • invests treasure
  • invests talent

Shaped into Christ likeness

  • by living in the Spirit
  • by loving without exception
  • by leaning on community in the world

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Sundays / 12:15 PM / 3 weeks / Begins 4.23

For those new in their faith or new to CCC, Foundations offers an interactive orientation to CCC. Learn about CCC’s history, values and the characteristics of a growing disciple. This class is also a prerequisite for membership.

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