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Halloween Alternatives

Here are a few more ideas of fun things to do on October 31st.

  • Plan a progressive ‘Halloween’ party.  Organize a progressive event in the safety of some of your friends’ homes.  Arrange for children to eat a meal at the first home, play games at the next, and eat dessert at the last stop.  Everyone joins in the work and expense.
  • Organize a skating or bowling night. Gather your kids, their friends (and hopefully parents) and head to your local skating rink or bowling alley. See who can bowl the most strikes or stand on one foot while on skates. It can be a fun way to see friends and have a good time.


Halloween Alternatives

Looking for something to do with your kids, instead of the traditional ‘trick or treating’ on October 31st ?

Tired of sitting at home with the lights off, hiding in the back of the house, or with the lights on, giving out candy, with your kids wondering why they can’t go out too?

Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of Halloween, you can turn the holiday into a positive, relationship-building tradition for your family.  These ideas offer alternatives to the customary Halloween activities. They are simple suggestions to start you thinking and planning. Add your own creativity and there’s no limit to the possibilities for family fun!  Let us know what you do on October 31st.

  • Weiner roasts and campfires. Friends, family or church members gather to roast hot dogs (and usually marshmallows) over an open fire, and usually doesn’t involve toting huge bags of candy. The emphasis is not on Halloween but on spending time with each other.
  • Host a block party. It can be open to the community or just for the kids on your block. The idea is to build community spirit and involvement while giving the kids a safe place to have fun.

We are still researching for more ideas, and will post them by the end of the week!

Multiple HomeFront Weeklies? Multiple Opportunities!

It’s not unusual for families to have children whose ages range from preschool through elementary.  As a result, these families receive a TruWonder and TruStory HomeFront Weekly each week.

How can you make time to use both HomeFront weeklies?  Below are some suggestions:

  • If your preschooler stays at home during the day, while the elementary kids go to school, go through the HomeFront with your little one in the morning.
  • If your preschooler goes to bed earlier than the elementary kids, go through the HomeFront with the older kids in the evening.
  • Set aside one evening per week (start with 10 to 15 minutes) as HomeFront time with the preschooler, and then set aside another evening for elementary-aged kids.
  • If you have older, more mature elementary kids, let them lead HomeFront time for their younger siblings (with parental supervision).
  • Use the HomeFront in the car with preschoolers, while waiting in the elementary carpool line.
  • Moms, use the HomeFront with preschooler during the day, and Dads use the HomeFront with the elementary kids at night (or vice versa).

God’s plan is for parents to be the primary spiritual nurturers of their children’s faith.  The HomeFront is designed to encourage and equip parents to do this by pre-teaching the upcoming lesson.  Get creative, as you make this work for you family, however it may look!

By Patti Fenton, Family Life Pastor at The Beacon, Orange, California, and Tru Coach/Ministry Partner Developer