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The Weekend Came and Went…

I can’t believe our Spring Retreat is already over! It was an amazing weekend of learning and serving for our students, our leaders, and our staff. We packed a lot of stuff into 25 hours, and I’m still processing everything, even a few days later!

What did the weekend look like, you ask? Well, it all started off in the Student Center. Students met up, checked in, and got a general overview for the weekend from Klint, and then they were off to Compass Ministries. Compass is an organization that CCC has partnered with for a long time, and their passion is to  share Jesus Christ with the students living in north Omaha and meeting  their academic, social, and spiritual needs with their after school and weekend programs. You can find out more about Compass here.

The staff at Compass was gracious enough to let us use their building for our sessions on Friday night and Saturday afternoon, and also let all our girls stay there overnight. Our boys stayed the night at a building owned by Abide Network, another organization seeking to reach people in Omaha’s inner-city (check out their dream and mission here).

We had three sessions during the weekend in which we talked about seeing like God sees, serving like Jesus did, and dreaming with God to impact the world for His kingdom. In our second session, the students actually ran the show by sharing what they did at their service sites with the rest of the group.

Which brings up the biggest part of our weekend–serving! On Saturday morning we headed out to different service sites in north and south Omaha for a few hours. At those sites, our students learned about the organizations we were partnering with and the impact they are having on our city, and then were able to jump in and help them with various projects. Here’s a list of the ministries we partnered with including Compass Ministries:

Heartland Hope Mission, Hope Center, and Bridge Church

After the morning of serving was finished and we had our second session, our entire group went to the Gene Leahy Mall (a.k.a Central Park), and had some time to do a guided prayer walk with their leaders. It was a great time to wind down a little and take some time to communicate with God. We even had a little extra time to go on the giant slides, too.

We finished our weekend with dinner and our final session back in the Student Center at CCC. Klint did a great job of encouraging our students to see the big picture about God’s movement in the world by sharing stories about students just like them who dreamed big for God and were able to make a huge impact for His kingdom.

All in all, the message of the weekend boils down to this:

It’s time to wake up. There’s a whole world around us that has needs , but we tend to get stuck in our own method of living, not really seeing people how God sees them. When we allow Him to open up our eyes to see beyond ourselves, we begin to see how He sees. When we see like Him, we become moved to serve like Him. As Christians, we are called to lay down our own agendas to follow Christ–to love and serve like He did–as we testify to the truth of who He is and the salvation he brings to a hurting and dying world. When start seeing and serving, God leads us to dream alongside Him. He desires to use the skills and circumstances we’ve been given to further His name and His glory on this earth, no matter how big or how small the task is.

We want to see students dream about using their God-given talents to declare the good news! Maybe that means starting an after school bible study with your 8th grade basketball team. Maybe that means making bracelets to raise money for clean water in South America. Maybe that means starting a facebook group that shares daily encouraging bible verses with your friends. It could be a lot of things, let’s just say that! We as a ministry, and we hope all of you parents out there, want to encourage our students to pursue their passions to be used for God’s glory!

The weekend was fantastic, and we’re excited to see God begin to stir in the hearts of our middle school students.

Have an amazing day and rest of the week!