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For Me To Live Is…

Recently, I was on a run and I saw a car with a vanity plate that read “live2prty”. I thought to myself, now there’s an ambitious person. Then my thoughts went deeper and became more personal as I thought about what I lived for. Most of you know that I’m a stay at home dad. So, most of what I live for are my two children, Lincoln and Noelle. I live for my marriage with my beautiful wife, Erin. Basically, what I live for most is my family. Many would view this as noble, but there is something greater to live for than family.

What about you? What do you live for? Your children? Your spouse? Your family? The relationship you’re in? Your bank account? Your career? Your toys? Your happiness? Your addiction? Sex? To party? How fulfilling are these things to your life? I have a secret to share with you. There is something greater to live for than all of these things.

In his letter to the Philippians, the apostle Paul writes, “For to me to live is Christ” (1:21a). Question! Do you think it is easy to live for Christ? For me it’s not. Too often I get so distracted by what I’m living for that I fail to live for the greater thing, Jesus. But what does it mean to live for Christ? It means living a life of dependence on Him and honor to Him. To live for Christ means that He is your foundation, your center, and your purpose. To live a life for Christ means living in obedience to Him and becoming more like Him. You see, when you live for Christ, then living inevitably follows the way of Christ – the way of self-giving, self-humbling, and self-sacrifice (Philippians 2:5-8).

So, “For me, to live is __________.” Given your priorities and your schedule, how would you honestly finish this sentence? What would change if you said “Christ”?

~ Tim Hall
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Let Them Go

“Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth.” Psalm 127:4

This time of year marks graduation season and this year we are not any different than the many households who will be celebrating the graduation of a loved one today. Today, we get to celebrate the graduation of our son, Lincoln from preschool. Last night as I lay in bed wondering where the past four years and nine months have gone, I was reminded of the words of the psalmist, “Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth.”

There is a simple truth about arrows; they are not intended to stay in the quiver. It is just a means to carry them until they are ready to be released. You see, arrows are made to fly; they are made to pierce a target. The same can be said of our children. They are not meant to stay within the confines of their homes, they are to be released and fly toward a target for maximum impact. And for many of us graduation is a moment of release for our children, even a preschool graduation. It is important that we do this, because our children were designed by their Creator to make an impact on and in this world, no matter their age.

Author Carol Kuykendall writes, “Letting go is a God-given responsibility as important as love in the parent child relationship. Without it, without release, children cannot grow. With it, they gain confidence and independence to seek and reach their potential in life. ‘Give your children roots and wings’, the old saying goes. Love them and protect them, nurture them with a strong sense of God and family and then – let them go.”

So, if you’re a parent of a graduate this year, may God grant you the strength to draw back your bow and let your arrow fly.

~ Tim Hall
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Blessed Are You

In our society, using the word “blessed” has become a way to brag about your life. It has been the go-to term for someone who wants to brag about something good that happened. “I put a dollar in the vending machine for a package of Little Debbie donuts and two packages fell” #blessed. “I hit my lucky dozen purchases at Starbucks; got my $6.00 coffee drink for free” #blessed. “My child scored the winning goal” #blessed. “I got rock star parking at the store” #blessed. You see, the word “blessing” has been reduced to a social media brag.

But Jesus tells us something different about what it means to be blessed. Jesus said, “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me” (Matthew 5:11). Imagine what those social media brags would look like. “I just got called all kinds of horrible names because I claimed Jesus as my Lord and Savior” #blessed. “I was telling somebody about the love of Jesus and they spit on me” #blessed. “I just got punched in the face for Jesus” #blessed.
So, let me ask you, would you “rejoice and be glad” (Matt. 5:12) when somebody insults you? Would being persecuted make you “rejoice and be glad”? Would you “rejoice and be glad” when a person speaks all kinds of evil against you? Would you feel blessed because these things were done to you?

You see, being blessed just isn’t about being lucky or having good things happen to you. Being blessed is about sacrifice; it is about standing up for something in this world, when the world tells you it’s wrong. Are you willing to be blessed?

~ Tim Hall
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