Journey Group Leaders


This Sunday, Dr. Mark Moore is at CCC

This Sunday, March 26, we are pleased to have Dr. Mark Moore preaching in the services. As you know, Dr. Moore did the Parables in Luke teaching for our journey groups. It will be a blessing to hear him preach live as we go through the last twenty-four hours that lead up to Jesus’ crucifixion.


Have A Missionary Visit Your Journey Group

Next month, we will have Global Summit (our annual missions week). This year, we have a special opportunity for Journey Groups. On the evenings of March 16, 17, and 18, we have asked our missionaries to be available to spend an evening with a Journey Group.

We would like for you to invite one of our missionaries into your home for dinner and fellowship with your group. If it works to switch the night your group meets so you can meet with a missionary, please do so!

If your group has a certain missionary you are interested in, or you have a certain night that works best for your group, please contact Deb Beck at / 402.938.1580.

The missionaries are available on the following nights:

Carey Schlieker (Mali) – Carey is a missionary nurse serving at the CCC hospital in Mali, West Africa. She is available on either Thursday or Friday evening.

Graham & Carrie Frank (India, Colorado) – The Franks served in India for 5 years with a ministry providing engineering services to Christian organization. They are now located in Colorado Springs at their mission headquarters. They are available on Friday or Saturday evening.

Norman & Vickie Sutton (Guatemala) – The Suttons have served in Guatemala for the last 7 years at an orphanage with 35 children. They are available on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening.

Lisa Reynolds (Afghanistan, India) – Lisa has served for the last 13 years as a missionary in both Afghanistan and India. She is now located in Tennessee working with Afghan refugees. Lisa is available Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evening.

If you have any questions, please let us know.