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I Promise. – Worship Series

Series Overview

The word “Promise” carries a lot of weight. Whether placing your hand on a Bible in a court of law or sealing a pinkie promise with a kiss, making a promise is a big deal. Unfortunately as we have all witnessed, not every promise seems to pan out. Is there actually anyone who keeps all of his or her Promises? Over the next several weeks we will look at the promises that God has made to his people, and how time and time again He has never broken one.

Stand Alone Week (January 8 )

Project 4:4 marks an exciting time here in the High School Ministry. As we set out on this adventure of reading through the entire Bible together, we want to kick it off with a party! This week we will combine our service with the Middle School students for a time of musical worship, Bible trivia, teaching, and fun. Come celebrate with us as we celebrate the start of year that will be life changing.

Stand Alone Week (January 15)

Before we dive into specific passages as part of Project 4:4, we’ll take a broad view look at the first 5 books of the Old Testament.  These books contain key Biblical passages like: creation, the fall, centuries of history of the Israelites, the law, and more.  During this week, we’ll learn how to correctly read and interpret these passages, as well as how to look for Jesus woven throughout each story.

Session One:  Serpent Covenant (January 22)

A talking serpent, deception, pride, and a couple bites from a piece of fruit was all it took to turn the world upside down. Sin entered the world and with sin, come consequences. But even in the midst of this bad news, God had a plan of redemption. This week we will talk about how sin entered the world and God’s promise that it will one day exit.

 Session Two: God’s Covenant with Noah  (January 29)

After the waters receded from earth covering flood in Genesis 8, God makes a covenant with Noah that never again will he curse the ground, and never again will he destroy living creatures.  In making this covenant, we learn that God is a never changing God, that even when everything else changes, he does not.

 Session Three: Abraham Covenant (February 5)

When God made a covenant with Abraham, He promised to bless his descendants & make them into a nation that God would call His own.  In return, Abraham was to remain faithful to God & serve as a channel in which God’s blessing could flow to the rest of the world.  In this covenant, we learn that God is always faithful even when we are not.  He brings about blessing in His time & way.

 Session Four: The Passover Covenant (February 12)

At the beginning of Exodus, God’s people are enslaved in Egypt.  When God is ready to free his people, he brings a series of severe plagues, the final causing death to firstborn all throughout Egypt.  But, God provides a path for people to escape this judgment.  The Passover covenant of Exodus 12 lets us know that God has power over everything and everyone, and the power to deliver us from what we come up against in life.