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ADVENT – Worship Series

Series Overview

Advent is about looking forward, anticipating the celebration of the birth of Jesus. During this series, we’ll be looking at the serving heart of God. That even though he is God, he still offers us hope in his generous and humble gift, his son, Jesus. The first 2 weeks of the series are “you own the morning” weeks – where students will completely plan, prepare for, and execute the service. The final week will be a combined High School and Middle School Experience.

Session One: Hope in the Generous Heart of God (December 4)

What does it mean to have hope in the Lord? This week, we will be discussing the plans that God has in place for our lives. Believer or non-believer, we all struggle at some point in our journey. God has blessed each and every one of us with weaknesses, but these struggles make us stronger. In times of hardships, who do you put your hope and trust in? Be ready to discover how to dive deeper in your faith by putting your hope into the generous heart of God!

Session Two: The Humility of Christmas (December 11)

The Bible is completely counter-cultural. In such a fast paced society where truth is often taken for granted, humility is an essential aspect for seeing the truth and accepting when we are wrong. But why was humility such an important aspect for Jesus, the one and only, all-powerful God? Why would the only one who was never wrong and who created “right” humble himself to a manger among farm animals? We’ll take a look at the value of truth and the humility of Christmas, while looking at the mysterious and powerful nature of Jesus himself.

Session Three: Special Christmas Morning (December 18)

This week we will have a combined Worship service as we combine both High School and Middle School ministries for the morning. We will both celebrate the birth of our Savior and serve others in our community as we close out the first semester of Student Ministry.

December 25 – No HS Worship – Christmas Break

January 1 – No HS Worship – Christmas Break