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Compass – Missions Experience

If we learned anything down at Compass during the week of our Compass Missions experience (July 10-15), I think it would have to be to show love under any circumstance and to especially show God’s love. Self dubbed, team South Fort Millard definitely showed an immense amount of God’s love to the kids down at Compass, but we also shared it with each other. As a part of the team I felt like God put the exact right people in the group, not all of us knew each other super well, so it was great to get to know people and grow close throughout the week. Of course the first bus ride down was kind of interesting, trying to get to know each others names, where we went to school, and any other facts but by the night we were playing games and laughing, which was done pretty much every night. God definitely blessed us this last week with the group we were in.. We learned to pray for each others circumstances, and how God has been working in our lives, and when needed, we would encourage each other about the kids.

From the very first night, the kids changed my life. It seemed to be that throughout the entire week the little things that they said about their community would just shock me, but to them it was “normal”. This trip showed me how small the issues we go through are, compared to other people, and it put a lot into perspective. With that, some of the kids who seemed to be going through the hardest circumstances had the most amazing hearts for Christ. You could just tell that some of them wanted to learn more about Christ, and even if there were kids who didn’t, they still showed up and were hearing it. It was amazing to see God working through us to teach the kids, but I feel that God taught me more through the kids then I taught them.

Through the week we also were taught Spiritual Disciplines by Miss Jenny every morning. Spiritual Disciplines were definitely a challenge. Half the week we would sit in silence allowing God to speak into our lives, or we would pray with scripture, and on the last day we did a really cool exercise that pretty much entailed giving something up to Christ and then having a conversation with Him. We would always share what we saw and I think that also taught me a lot about how Christ works in people’s lives and how differently He works in others lives.

Through Spiritual Disciplines, nightly group devotionals, cooking dinner for each other, playing lots of games at night like Life and Star Wars Monopoly, scheduling showers for 12 people and with only one shower available, swimming at Mahoney, lots of frisbee, a craze of four square, and definitely through the kids, South Fort Millard grew close, and learned a lot about love through Christ. It was an amazing week, and we were all impacted so greatly by Christ, and we were all so blessed.

-Jen Kelly (CCC High School Ministry Student)