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What’s Next with the Online Campus {Video}

We’ve had a great 2013 so far at the Online Campus. One thing we’ve done is launch a midweek service. We’re going to kill that. Something better is in the works…

Skeptic’s Challenge {Video}

This past Gathering was a good event. We had a great turnout in person, and online, for Skeptic’s Challenge. Tim Perry, John Holmes and myself had a fun time answering questions about the Bible, Project 4:4 and more.

If you have your own question, feel free to ask!

Questions asked were:

  1. Can you prove conclusively the Bible is inerrant?
  2. Can you be saved after your physical death?
  3. In the election (2012 Presidential elections), was that God’s perfect will or was it God’s permissive will?
  4. Can you lose your salvation?
  5. What is your best evidence against evolution?
  6. What is the role of the nation of Israel today in God’s Kingdom?
  7. Why does the religious community appear to be against the scientific community?
  8. Why is Christianity right and all of the other religions wrong?
  9. Where do people go after they die, and is Hell a real place?
  10. Was the flood totally global, or was it local?
  11. Is it possible to have a relationship with God without being a Christian?
  12. If God made man and woman, why are some born intersex?
  13. If God is real, why does He allow all the suffering in the world?
  14. Why does Hebrews 6:4 give a warning about “falling away” if it is not possible to lose your salvation?

An Apology for the August 19 Online Campus Service


For those of you who tuned in to watch the Online Campus service today, we’re sorry about the quality of service. Our media streaming company experienced an outage, and I was relegated to using my iPhone to stream the service. At first, I set it up in the Worship Center sound booth and pointed it at the stage. Then, we got a monitor in an enclosed room where I could point the camera at it and turn up the volume. Not ideal, but we managed!

Thanks to Marc Birkey and Jordan Johnson for helping me figure out a solution on the fly, and to Jana Murphy and Paul Graff for managing the chat room conversation while video was down.

Here’s a pic of the setup this morning.


Being Proven Wrong, Thankfully

Being the Online Campus Pastor I often hear a lot of jokes about what my job entails. They are usually the same jokes with slight variations.

“You’re an Online Campus Pastor? What do you do all day? Facebook? Surf the web? Drink coffee?”

I roll with it. What am I going to say, that Facebook, surfing the web and drinking coffee aren’t part of the job? (Okay, drinking coffee isn’t part of my job requirements. However, don’t be surprised if the local Starbucks is the next CCC multi-site.) (more…)

Online Campus Summer Promo [Video]

We’re already five months into the life of the Online Campus, and it’s been a huge success. One of the great things about the Online Campus is if you are away from your physical campus, like Old Mill or Sarpy, you can stay connected via the Online Campus.



Online Campus Introduction

This past Sunday, the Online Campus officially launched. During the services, we played a video that explained a bit more about the Online Campus. In case you missed it, here’s the video.

Hope to see you at the Online Campus!

Online Campus Welcome Video

After nearly a year of preparation, the Online Campus officially launches this Sunday. I’ll post more of my thoughts about the launch later, but I wanted to share with you the welcome video for the campus.


Beyond The Message: Love Wins

Seven months after the book’s release, and subsequent controversy, Tim Perry and I sit down to discuss Rob Bell’s latest book Love Wins.

Why now? Because they, along with other staff, are continually asked for their opinion about the book, and questions relating to universal reconciliation, by people outside the church.

We had a lengthy discussion covering a number of questions and topics. Topics discussed are:

Intention of reviewing Love Wins and discussing universal reconciliation.

  • How often is Hell/judgment referenced in the Bible?
  • What is the meaning of the gates to the city being open in Heaven?
  • What does Luke 16:19-31 mean?
  • What does it mean when God says He’ll bring all people to Him in the end?
  • What does it mean when everyone (kings) bows before Jesus in the end?
  • What does sin truly do to us?
  • Are their other attributes of God beyond love?
  • Are God’s attributes isolated?
  • Has universal reconciliation been a theme of Christianity since the beginning?
  • Why has the book been frustrating for us?
  • Is there any scripture that supports a second chance for people, after they die, to escape Hell?
  • Who will be in Heaven?
  • Romans 1:18-23

Additional resources:

On my personal blog, I explain a bit more as to why Tim and I decided to do a review of this book now.

Beyond The Message: Evil, Evil, And More Evil

Here we go! As I mentioned yesterday, Tim Perry and I sit down to talk some more about his recent message “Evil, Evil, and More Evil”. Some of things we discussed:

“How do I talk about this with my children?”
“How do I contend or endure when this evil comes?”
“How do I approach and/or study this topic?”
“What are some other biblical resources about this?”
And more…

New Project with “Beyond The Message”

One of the things I wanted to do when I launched the Online Campus was to have some informal conversations, and Q&A, with people about what’s going on at Christ Community Church. And when I mean informal, I mean informal. Informal as in propping up my iPhone on some paper, and an iPad case, to record two people conversing over various background noise.

Thus, the eloquently titled Beyond The Message.

I hope to do follow-up on recent messages, at CCC, with the pastors that delivered them. We’ll have some fun along the way as well.

The first time with Beyond the Message, I sit down with Tim Perry to talk more about his recent message “Evil, Evil and More Evil”. I’ll post the video here tomorrow.

Getting ready to record Tim and I discussing his recent Future Shock message.