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Online Campus Attendee {Photo}

Online Campus, serving the next generation… 😉









(Thanks to Andrea Hornacek for sending me this photo from California!)

CCC Facebook Page Update {Video}

CCC’s Facebook Page recently topped 2,300 “Likes”, and we are grateful for that. Thank you so much for not only supporting the Facebook Page, but also sharing content we post on your own timeline. You help us in sharing the gospel to thousands all around the world.

Lee Strobel Promo {Video}

We’re excited to have Lee Strobel share at Christ Community Church this Sunday, January 27. Lee is a New York Times bestselling author, journalist, and a pastor.

Lee will not only be sharing at the Old Mill Campus, but also at the Online Campus at 9 & 10:45 AM CST. Invite a friend to come hear from Lee, or share with people on social media so they can watch him online.

Beyond The Message: Project 4:4 Reflections {Video}

In the latest Beyond The Message, I sit down with my wife, Jana Murphy, to discuss her thoughts on completing Project 4:4. Jana has helped lead the MOPS ministry at CCC (Mothers of Preschoolers), and is a part of the Online Campus team.

Beyond The Message: Superhero Films {Video}

Klint Bitter (Middle School Pastor) and I sit down to discuss superhero films in the latest Beyond The Message. We did this partly for fun, but also because we are often asked about superhero films by parents. We discuss the draw people have with the films, and some guidelines for parents with allowing their kids to see these types of films.

Christmas Eve Services at the Online Campus {Video}

This Christmas Eve, we will be streaming all the Christmas Eve services to the Online Campus. Join people from all over the world as we rediscover the story of Christmas. Services will be at 2, 4, 6, or 8 PM CST at


Online Campus: Highs, Lows and a New Streaming Video Provider

The first year of the Online Campus continues to bring highs, lows, and everything in-between.

Two Sundays ago, I walked out of church feeling defeated. Nothing went right with the service. That afternoon, I was determined to set things right. I needed to, because we were getting ready to add additional services, events and classes to the Online Campus.

The streaming video provider was working hard to resolve issues we had been having since mid-July, but it wasn’t working. In August, when it failed for the entire service, I posted an apology video online. My patience was wearing thing. In September, three of the five Sundays we saw failures, of varying degrees, from our streaming video provider. After the last one, two Sundays ago, I made the decision to not use them again. We gave them official notice a few days later. (more…)

Online Campus: Six Months Later

On February 5, 2012, the Online Campus had its first service. It has been live for six months now. Here are some statistics with the Online Campus.

  • Average attendance of 215
  • Over 4,700 unique visitors
  • Visitors from every state and over 35 countries
  • Nearly 100 prayer requests via the page, and over 75 through social media
  • Attendees connected to Benevolence, Renewal, and other ministries
  • One attendee baptized at Baptism on the Green (more…)

An Apology for the August 19 Online Campus Service


For those of you who tuned in to watch the Online Campus service today, we’re sorry about the quality of service. Our media streaming company experienced an outage, and I was relegated to using my iPhone to stream the service. At first, I set it up in the Worship Center sound booth and pointed it at the stage. Then, we got a monitor in an enclosed room where I could point the camera at it and turn up the volume. Not ideal, but we managed!

Thanks to Marc Birkey and Jordan Johnson for helping me figure out a solution on the fly, and to Jana Murphy and Paul Graff for managing the chat room conversation while video was down.

Here’s a pic of the setup this morning.


Being Proven Wrong, Thankfully

Being the Online Campus Pastor I often hear a lot of jokes about what my job entails. They are usually the same jokes with slight variations.

“You’re an Online Campus Pastor? What do you do all day? Facebook? Surf the web? Drink coffee?”

I roll with it. What am I going to say, that Facebook, surfing the web and drinking coffee aren’t part of the job? (Okay, drinking coffee isn’t part of my job requirements. However, don’t be surprised if the local Starbucks is the next CCC multi-site.) (more…)