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What’s Next with the Online Campus {Video}

We’ve had a great 2013 so far at the Online Campus. One thing we’ve done is launch a midweek service. We’re going to kill that. Something better is in the works…

Being Proven Wrong, Thankfully

Being the Online Campus Pastor I often hear a lot of jokes about what my job entails. They are usually the same jokes with slight variations.

“You’re an Online Campus Pastor? What do you do all day? Facebook? Surf the web? Drink coffee?”

I roll with it. What am I going to say, that Facebook, surfing the web and drinking coffee aren’t part of the job? (Okay, drinking coffee isn’t part of my job requirements. However, don’t be surprised if the local Starbucks is the next CCC multi-site.) (more…)

Online Campus Summer Promo [Video]

We’re already five months into the life of the Online Campus, and it’s been a huge success. One of the great things about the Online Campus is if you are away from your physical campus, like Old Mill or Sarpy, you can stay connected via the Online Campus.



Beyond The Message: Douglas County Jail Campus

In the latest Beyond The Message, I sit down with Mike Goett. Mike is the Campus Pastor at the Douglas County Jail. Mike and I talk about the work he is doing with the men at the jail, and what church looks like inside the jail.


The Tension of Numbers and Mission with the Online Campus

Two months into the life of the Online Campus and I’m ecstatic with the stories that have come forth. People are being ministered to, and served, through an online format. What seemed ridiculous to some, or science fiction to others, is a reality that is reaping a great reward.

Something that has come up is people are connecting through the Online Campus, and then getting connected at one of Christ Community Church’s physical campuses. Whether new to the area, or just checking the church out, they attend the Online Campus to get a feel of CCC. It’s a safe way to find out more about the church, and engage initially on their terms. The online services are engaging and fun, so for a number of people they want to get connected in person.


Online Campus Introduction

This past Sunday, the Online Campus officially launched. During the services, we played a video that explained a bit more about the Online Campus. In case you missed it, here’s the video.

Hope to see you at the Online Campus!

Online Campus Update

I wanted to give you an update with where things stand with the Online Campus. I’ve been kind of quiet about it lately, but that’s been purposeful. We had some cool things in the works, but now a number of them are finalized. Here’s a summary of what’s on tap. I’ll go into some more details in the embedded video.

  • Online Campus launches on February 5.
  • Streaming the entire 10:45 Access service.
  • Multi-camera production in HD.

A few other things happening that I didn’t mention in the video.

One is the development for the Online Campus site. Right now, we have a basic version of the Online Campus up and running. However, in mid-January you will see more of the interactive and personal elements to the Online Campus site implemented. (Special thanks to for their help with this.)

Also, early in January 2012 you’ll start to see a physical presence for the Online Campus in the Old Mill Campus Atrium. When the Online Campus launches February 5, the team will be working from this space in the Atrium. (Thanks to Christine Gerhart for designing it and our Property Team for constructing it in the coming weeks.)

Finally, because we will be streaming the entire 10:45 Access service, the Online Campus Team will be working more closely with the team that supports Access. I’m looking forward to this because it’ll be fun to work more with Micah, Ryan and others on a consistent basis. (If you still would like to volunteer to be a part of the Online Campus Team, please let me know!)

I’m excited by what God has in store with the Online Campus. It’s going to be fun to see how God uses it to get people connected with the gospel.

So, before the Super Bowl kickoff, come be a part of the Online Campus kickoff!

(For the latest information about the Online Campus, click here.)

Online Campus Countdown / Prayer Requests

“It’s already August?!”

It’s a bit cliche to say, but it is true how fast the year seemingly goes by. For me, it’s also the realization the Online Campus will go live in a few months. Actually, its five months from today. Quoting Keanu Reeves, “Whoa.”

There’s a lot to do before that first service. While we have lots of great ideas, we need to identify what is possible in accomplishing before we launch. Tomorrow, myself and a few other staff will be having an all-day planning session related to the Online Campus. As well, I’m grateful that Jason Morris, Online Campus Pastor at Westside Family Church in Kansas City, will be joining us for the planning session. Jason has been an asset and support in the lead up to announcing the campus.

We would appreciate your prayers as we map out more specifics with the goals/big ideas, come up with a timeline through the end of January 2012, and identify the practical steps that need to happen with projects. (more…)

Building the Online Campus Team

Even though the Online Campus doesn’t launch until January 2012, we’re already starting to put together a team to help with the campus. There are a lot of great things that could be with the Online Campus. Here are some of the roles we are looking to fill on the team. Soon, we will have more specifics with each role and hope to have the time commitment it would be for each of them.

Some of these roles you can be trained in, so don’t think you can’t volunteer if you look at this list and feel you can’t contribute. As well, if you have any ideas or suggestions, just let us know! We’re always looking for creative and effective ways to reach people and get them connected with Jesus and what God is doing in and through Christ Community Church.

Director – Manages the video feeds and graphics that are streamed live to the Online Campus.

Coder – Create/Write custom code for the Online Campus Facebook Page. We’d like to have some customized tabs on the Facebook Page that make it a destination for people when they browse Facebook.

Social Artists – Converse and interact with people who post in the chatroom and steering the conversation back to Jesus and/or the big idea of the message. It also means talking to people throughout the week via email, Twitter, Facebook, phone or something else.

Prayer Ninjas – Obvious, we need people praying. Who knows what kind of situation you could find yourself praying for, on a Sunday morning with the Online Campus, so you need to be able to adapt on the fly. You’ll be praying and talking with people during the service, and praying for people during the week. (One thing that will help us with praying for Online Campus people is a service called Mobile Amen. It’s something that former CCC Pastor Joe Darago has set up at his church in Arizona.)

Videographer – Films different pieces for the Online Campus that will be played before the Online Campus service starts. Needs to be proficient with a camera and lighting.

Editor – Edit video that is shot for the Online Campus. Right now, we are thinking the video pieces will be shot late in the week, so this person will have to be able to do a quick turnaround with editing. These edited pieces will usually play before the Online Campus service starts.

Mentors/Leaders – Individuals who can disciple others and model to them what it means to be a Christian. We’ll need people of all ages and backgrounds. When we start more formal online communities and groups, you’ll be helping to lead them.

Producer – This person oversees everything on a Sunday morning with the Online Campus. They make sure people and things are in place so the campus runs smoothly. More often than not, I’ll be filling this role. However, there will be times during the year where I’ll be gone, or I’m doing something ministry-related like Baby Dedications. They can jump into any of the roles on a Sunday morning if need be.

If you’re interested in helping out, or have an idea/suggestion, just email me by clicking here.

Online Campus: How It All Began (Part 4 / Actuality)

If it’s just us showing off how we can use technology and innovation, then we’re being proud by trying to draw attention to ourselves.

(Click here to read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3)

When I first started out as a missionary, email was starting to take hold as a communication tool for everyone. I was leveraging it in my communications with supporters and friends. A number of fellow missionaries thought I was silly/mad for using technology that minimized the personal touch of a handwritten letter or a long form newsletter.* I ignored the criticisms and plunged ahead with using email as a primary communication tool with people. I was able to interact with people, from the field, in a more realtime format than ever before.

*Because nothing says personal quite like a generic newsletter with someone’s signature added in ink.

Two years later, I was asked to lead a seminar to fellow missionaries about how to use email.* It sounds a bit ridiculous now, but I still remember explaining to other missionaries about addressing emails and general protocols with it.

I bring that up because people have a tendency to doubt emerging technologies. We fear the unknown. Once the technology has been accepted, we often look back and wonder how we ever lived life without such technology.