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Christianity Explored begins this weekend!


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This weekend kicks off a great opportunity for people interested in exploring the very basics about Jesus.  Christianity Explored is a venue for spiritual seekers wanting to understand the person and teachings of Jesus Christ.  Christianity claims at its core to be Good News.  That’s what the word Gospel means.  But what’s so good about Christianity in a world where many are so unsure about religion.  Each week we’ll look at another section of Mark’s Gospel – one of the four original “biographies of Jesus” showing us who he was, what he said and what he did.

Christianity Explored meets weekly in Room D-126 at 10:45am (during the second service).

If you’d like more details about Christianity Explored, you can find out more info on the Facebook Page – Christianity Explored Omaha.  This fall’s class will be facilitated by a team of trained leaders.  Each week we’ll have time for conversation around tables and a short video segment followed by lots of time for your questions.  Bring a friend – things are always more interesting with a crowd!

Believe, Follow, Become!

come die conclusion

This week we’ll wrap up our 10 week adventure through the Gospel of Mark with teacher Rico Tice.  Christianity Explored has been a seeker’s guide to the life of Jesus and the meaning of the Gospel.  Come join us for the finale.  We’ll finish things up with a two part extended play version of our Unconvinced class.

Unconvinced meets at Christ Community Church at 10:45 in room D-126.

After our usual class time, we’ll have lunch together in D-126, then transition over to the Student Center at 1:00pm.  Not only will we finish up Christianity Explored, but we’ll also check out a cool app called The Big Story.  We’ll sum up the message of Christianity.   Not only will we review what we’ve learned, we’ll also ask some courageous questions of personal response.  Come join in, even if you haven’t been to Unconvinced in a while.  We’d love to see you.

If you plan on joining us for lunch, please email me and let me know you’re for sure coming, and I’ll reserve a lunch for you!  So far we have 14 people coming.  There’s still definitely room for more!

See you this weekend hopefully!

Tim Perry

What is Grace all about?

how much do i owe you

We’ve been working our way through the Gospel of Mark on Sunday mornings in Unconvinced.  This week we’ll look at the topic of Grace.  What God offers us we don’t deserve, we can’t earn and we’ll never pay for!  The account of the rich, young ruler seeking eternal life from Jesus takes us to the heart of the gospel.  We are more sinful than we ever realized, but more loved than we ever dreamed!

Come join us at 10:45 in room D-126 during the second service.  Rico Tice is our teacher via video.  We’ll also spend some time in whole group discussion and table conversation.  Bring a friend!

Tim Perry – Pastor of Spiritual Discovery

Connections and the Online Campus

“My family needs prayer please…”

We are six services into the life of the Online Campus. Numbers are trending up with attendance, and people are enthusiastic about the Online Campus after experiencing it. More importantly, through the Online Campus people are finding hope. They are drawing closer to Jesus. They are finding community. They are getting help with needs they have, whether it be mental, physical, emotional or spiritual needs.

This past Sunday, I received a prayer request during the service that started out, “My family needs prayer please…” The individual sharing poured their heart out in sharing the difficulties of life they are facing as a parent. It was heart-breaking to read the prayer request, but I was also grateful I could respond and help this individual. We exchanged messages throughout the afternoon, and I was able to get them connected with the right people at Christ Community Church.

The Online Campus is in its infancy, but I’m overwhelmed at how God is ministering to people through an online format. Again, I don’t pretend to understand everything with online church, or have all the answers, but people are being ministered to through it. People are hearing the gospel. That’s a good thing.


Intersections is underway! 187 strong! A veritable Gospel army in the making – I’m absolutely thrilled that so many people would want to invest time and effort into sharing the good news. This group of 187 people have a total of 935 Five by Five friends! Nearly a thousand people have been prayed for this week. What do you think the chances are of some significant conversation happening in that tangle of spiritual passion?

Last Tuesday we looked at two very simple ideas – one of which is represented in the chart above. Intersections. It’s all about intersecting relationships, not so much about sales techniques. God is already deep in the business of loving people and reaching them with his reconciling grace. We merely JOIN GOD in what he’s doing. Sharing our faith is simple – stay connected in our relationship with God, make ourselves available to be moved by God and watch for ways to join what he’s already doing in others.

Second thing we talked about was Questions. Jesus used questions to move conversations to spiritually significant encounters with people. We can do the same. Tuesday night we’ll see how many people have been using the power of asking questions in reaching out to people. If you hang out in the Gospels you’ll learn from the master himself why Jesus used questions.

Jesus used questions to:

  1. Keep the CONVERSATION going further
  2. Make a point without being JUDGMENTAL
  3. Give others the opportunity to DISCOVER the truth for themselves
  4. NAVIGATE conflict and misunderstanding.
  5. Cause others to THINK about what they really believe.

Keep checking in with the blog here to keep up with what God is doing. We’ll try to get some stories out to you about what people are learning.