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Growing Faith

It can be easy to pray for things when they are attainable by your own efforts. Or, it’s easy to pray general, positive things like, “God, bless with wisdom/protection/strength.” It’s quite something else when the thing you are praying for is necessary to your own vitality.

In 2012, I was challenged to grow in my faith. It started when praying for a minivan, and hearing my own son’s prayers exceed what I was praying. It was humbling, challenging, but inspiring as well. I stepped up my own prayers, stepping out in faith with them, and it was amazing to see God answer.

It was easy to think this growth in my faith had me even more trusting in God. Hardly. (more…)

Lee Strobel, Grace & “The Butterfly Circus” {Video}

If you were at the Old Mill or Online Campuses today, you heard Lee Strobel share some powerful stories about God’s grace and love. The one story about adoption reminded me of a short film called The Butterfly Circus. Here’s an official description of the film:

At the height of the Great Depression, the showman of a renowned circus discovers a man without limbs being exploited at a carnival sideshow, but after an intriguing encounter with the showman he becomes driven to hope against everything he has ever believed.

I’ve posted the video here before, but I’ll gladly do it again. Watch it below.


Beyond The Message: Project 4:4 Reflections {Video}

In the latest Beyond The Message, I sit down with my wife, Jana Murphy, to discuss her thoughts on completing Project 4:4. Jana has helped lead the MOPS ministry at CCC (Mothers of Preschoolers), and is a part of the Online Campus team.

The Power of Sabbath

About a year ago, I started having my Sabbath on Mondays. The great thing about having it on Mondays was it became a real Sabbath. Before, when it was on Sundays, it wasn’t a day of rest. Because of my work as a pastor, Sundays were always a work day of some sort. Yes, I could rest Sunday afternoons, sometimes, but the Sabbath is suppose to be about an entire day of rest.

You would think this would be an easy principle/law for Christians to follow, but it isn’t. I’m surprised by how many people in the church think taking a Sabbath isn’t a reality for today. I find this odd. Even when I made the switch to Mondays, one individual (who has been a Christian for a long time) asked me if it was really necessary to have a day off during the week. Yes, yes it is. Just because you choose not to take a Sabbath, doesn’t mean I should abide by your faulty thinking. Sunday is a work day for me. If I didn’t take Monday off, there wouldn’t be a day off from work. (more…)

Online Campus & Gathering [Video]

One of the many things we are excited about with the Online Campus is the ability to broadcast non-Sunday service events. This past Friday, we streamed Gathering, and we’re able to improve upon the quality of the stream.

With this improvement, we are able to post the video of the event as well. While the quality is not like our Sunday morning services, we’re grateful we have something for all of you to see.

(Thanks to Dr. Randall Adkins who shared about God and politics.)


When Modern Becomes Tradition

Wednesday is my meeting day. I have five schedule meetings, and then in the evenings I take my boys to Kids’ Clubs. While it can be a grind, it’s nice to knock out a majority of my meetings in one day.

One of my Wednesday meetings deals with Access/Online services. Ryan Shields, Travis Williams and I review the previous Sunday services, and go over upcoming services. We approach it from different perspectives, and it’s been fun for me to hear their takes on worship, church, the gospel and more.

Yesterday, we were discussing a classic hymn, and listening to a modern version of it. I dismissed it. The arrangement was well-done, and it was performed with excellence. I dismissed it because it wasn’t what I was used to with the song. I said that in the meeting, and we discussed whether people would join in with the song. (more…)

Answered Prayer (We Have A Minivan!)

ME: (answering iPhone) Hello?
ANONYMOUS: Hey Robert, what are you doing?
ME: Just working on what I’m going to say for baby dedications tomorrow.
ANONYMOUS: You want to go shopping?

Where to start.

Beyond The Message: Counseling (and Addressing the Stigma Associated with it)

In the latest Beyond The Message video, I sit down with Pastor Steve Walters to talk about the good that comes with counseling. One of the things we address is the stigma, and shame, that is often associated with it by people who are receiving counseling, or are in need of counseling.

To watch more Beyond The Message videos, click here.

Easter 2012: Explanation of the Temple

Here is the video introduction to the the Easter 2012 message, “Easter Outside the Box”. In this piece, Lead Pastor Mark Ashton provides context, and a thorough explanation, of the Temple.

Serving those who Attend the Online Campus

This past Sunday’s Online Campus service was the best yet. It’s easy for me to say that every week since this was our seventh service. Still, I thought it was.

The Online Campus Team and myself prayed with five people during the service. We have a prayer room available during the services for people to go to if they want prayer. Online it is instantaneous, private prayer with someone. People were wanting to talk, and pray, with someone after hearing Marc and Sharon Montanye’s story.