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Exodus for the Unconvinced – starts this Sunday

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Exodus for the Unconvinced:
– a conversational venue for those questioning faith in God

Meets weekly beginning Sunday, Jan 11th at Christ Community Church – Old Mill
10:45 am in the Atrium

Many people are drawn to the faith community because of its spiritual vitality and the way the church pursues the mission of Jesus in the world.
But many who attend bring honest doubts about faith and the Bible. Many wrestle with the image of God we find in the pages of the Old Testament. If God is so loving and all-powerful, why did he leave his chosen people in slavery for so many generations? God supposedly worked miracles in bible times – why don’t we see him doing that today?

Unconvinced is a space and place for those with big questions they hesitate to ask. During Christ Community’s whole Church adventure through Exodus, Unconvinced will meet each week right out in the Atrium near the main entrance.

Weekly format:
– Introduction to the question of the week
– Exploring perspectives and possible answers
– Discussion and Q/A with Tim Perry, pastor of Spiritual Discovery at Christ Community

Look for us along the left side wall of the Atrium (as you face the Worship Center).  Come grab a coffee and a chair as we look at this week’s question:


PDF version of resource sheet for this week’s discussion click here:  Week 1 Handout


Game Changer (And Exposing some Shame as a Husker Fan)


In the 90’s, the Nebraska Cornhuskers dominated the college football landscape. This was never more true than the 1995 season, in which they were the focal point for all things good and bad with college football. Arguably the best team in college football history, they are also known for Lawrence Phillips.

Early in the 1995 season, Phillips was establishing himself as the best college football player in the country. After his best collegiate performance, a game at Michigan State, he assaulted his ex-girlfriend, Kate McEwen.

The details of the assault were disgusting. Phillips scaled the outside of the apartment complex to get into the apartment she was. (The apartment was that of teammate Scott Frost, future starting quarterback for the Huskers.) Phillips dragged McEwen by the hair down three flights of stairs, and also slammed her head into a wall. (more…)

Game Changer


This Saturday, we are blessed to have Derek and Kathy Redmond Brown sharing at Gathering: Game Changer. Derek is a former running back for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, and Kathy (his wife) is a graduate of the school. When Kathy was a student at Nebraska, she was raped by one of Derek’s teammates. Kathy and Derek will be sharing their stories of forgiveness and reconciliation.

For more on Derek and Kathy, click here to read this New York Times piece about them.

Gathering: Game Changer will be this Saturday, in the Student Center, starting at 7 PM. It will also be live streamed to the Online Campus.

Skeptic’s Challenge {Video}

This past Gathering was a good event. We had a great turnout in person, and online, for Skeptic’s Challenge. Tim Perry, John Holmes and myself had a fun time answering questions about the Bible, Project 4:4 and more.

If you have your own question, feel free to ask!

Questions asked were:

  1. Can you prove conclusively the Bible is inerrant?
  2. Can you be saved after your physical death?
  3. In the election (2012 Presidential elections), was that God’s perfect will or was it God’s permissive will?
  4. Can you lose your salvation?
  5. What is your best evidence against evolution?
  6. What is the role of the nation of Israel today in God’s Kingdom?
  7. Why does the religious community appear to be against the scientific community?
  8. Why is Christianity right and all of the other religions wrong?
  9. Where do people go after they die, and is Hell a real place?
  10. Was the flood totally global, or was it local?
  11. Is it possible to have a relationship with God without being a Christian?
  12. If God made man and woman, why are some born intersex?
  13. If God is real, why does He allow all the suffering in the world?
  14. Why does Hebrews 6:4 give a warning about “falling away” if it is not possible to lose your salvation?

Online Campus: Highs, Lows and a New Streaming Video Provider

The first year of the Online Campus continues to bring highs, lows, and everything in-between.

Two Sundays ago, I walked out of church feeling defeated. Nothing went right with the service. That afternoon, I was determined to set things right. I needed to, because we were getting ready to add additional services, events and classes to the Online Campus.

The streaming video provider was working hard to resolve issues we had been having since mid-July, but it wasn’t working. In August, when it failed for the entire service, I posted an apology video online. My patience was wearing thing. In September, three of the five Sundays we saw failures, of varying degrees, from our streaming video provider. After the last one, two Sundays ago, I made the decision to not use them again. We gave them official notice a few days later. (more…)

Online Campus & Gathering [Video]

One of the many things we are excited about with the Online Campus is the ability to broadcast non-Sunday service events. This past Friday, we streamed Gathering, and we’re able to improve upon the quality of the stream.

With this improvement, we are able to post the video of the event as well. While the quality is not like our Sunday morning services, we’re grateful we have something for all of you to see.

(Thanks to Dr. Randall Adkins who shared about God and politics.)


Beyond The Message: More Q&A From The Gay Debate (Part 3)

At the third installment of The Gay Debate, we weren’t able to answer the numerous questions that people asked. In this Beyond The Message video, Tim Perry and I try to answer a few more questions that he couldn’t address because of time constraints at Gathering.


The Gay Debate with Guest Andrew Marin [RECAP]


This past Friday night, we were grateful to have Andrew Marin speak at Gathering. Andrew is the author of Love Is an Orientation, and heads up The Marin Foundation. The foundation’s aim is to build bridges between the LGBT community and the Church. Tim Perry and I have been looking forward to this event for awhile.

I had the privilege to hang out with Andrew before and after the event. He is a man on mission. He preaches what he practices. He loves the LGBT community like no other.

I was glad we could stream the event live at the Online Campus. We had over 90 people watching online, and another 190 people at the event. Here are my edited notes from the event. (To listen to it, you can listen/download the event on this page.) Later this week, I’ll post some additional thoughts about the event, and the relationship between the Church and the LGBT community.


The Goodness of God in a World of Injustice

Don’t miss the final Summit 2012 event tonight at 7:00pm in the Student Center at Old Mill.  Bring a friend and bring your questions.  Enjoy our new monthly format for Gathering.

The Goodness of God in a World of Injustice

Many struggle to believe the Gospel because they see the Church making such small impact in our world. Is the Good News really Good News if it isn’t bringing transformation to our communities?

Gathering hosts Josh Dotzler, co-pastor of Bridge Church in North Omaha for a look at what God is doing in our city. Hear Josh’s story of God calling a rising young talent to invest his life in the mission of Jesus right here in Omaha. Josh will challenge you with his passion for the Gospel as he shares his experience of seeing God work through people willing to serve and build his kingdom. Don’t miss this opportunity to see evidence of God’s reality in our city.



Ever wanted to ask Mark your toughest question?


Question Mark / Friday Night Gathering

2.17.12 / 7 PM / Student Center
Do you have friends who are asking tough questions about faith and Jesus? Invite them to an open forum with Lead Pastor, Mark Ashton and explore tough questions about God, the Bible and our place in the universe. Coffee & dessert provided.
Gathering is moving to a new once a month Friday Night coffee and dessert format.  We’ll be shooting for the second Friday Night of the month if you want to know how to plan ahead for Mar – June.  Make sure you pick up a postcard at CCC that you can use to invite a friend.
With all the excitement over Project 4:4 many have been in conversations.  Consider inviting that friend, coworker, neighbor or extended family member who is curious about scripture, God and the meaning of life.  What a great opportunity for them to see Mark and be in a relaxed environment.
If you’re unfamiliar with Gathering, click here and check out some of the topics we’ve dealt with over the past several months.
Come on out!
Tim Perry – Pastor of Spiritual Discovery CCC