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God, Sex and Gay Marriage – This week in UNCONVINCED

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This week we’re taking a bit of a detour from the Reason for God DVD in our Skeptic’s Venue we call UNCONVINCED.  As a part of our current CCC message series, Pastor Mark will be speaking this next week on the issue of homosexuality.  Faith, Hope and Love should mark the Christian experience.  But what does that look like in a culture charged with controversy over the issue of Gay Marriage?

I had a hunch that we should just focus our time this week on this topic.  We’ll look at what I consider to be the two biggest problems people have with the Church on this subject.  1- If the Church is to insist on traditional marriage in the public sphere, does the Church really honor it’s own definition?  If so, why is there so much struggle with divorce among Christians?  Why does it seem like the Church gives more grace to help divorced people than it does to those struggling with same sex desires?

2- The other great source of debate is the Bible itself.  Is there really a clear position on homosexuality in the pages of scripture?  Many today criticize the Bible as being irrelevant to mutually consenting adult homosexual relationships.

Come join us if you dare.  As we do each week in UNCONVINCED, we encourage an honest, open dialogue with participants – safe place to talk about potentially dangerous stuff!  UNCONVINCED meets at Christ Community Church each Sunday in Room D-126 at 10:45.


Growing Faith

It can be easy to pray for things when they are attainable by your own efforts. Or, it’s easy to pray general, positive things like, “God, bless with wisdom/protection/strength.” It’s quite something else when the thing you are praying for is necessary to your own vitality.

In 2012, I was challenged to grow in my faith. It started when praying for a minivan, and hearing my own son’s prayers exceed what I was praying. It was humbling, challenging, but inspiring as well. I stepped up my own prayers, stepping out in faith with them, and it was amazing to see God answer.

It was easy to think this growth in my faith had me even more trusting in God. Hardly. (more…)

The Story of a Roadside Memorial

“Daddy, look! A Pinwheel!”

Duncan squealed with glee at the sight of the pinwheel as we waited at the stop light. I looked over and saw the pinwheel, amidst the makeshift memorial for some unknown person. As habit, I said a brief prayer for the unknown victim’s family and friends.

Since moving into our home, in the fall of 2006, I’ve driven through the 132nd & Blondo intersection thousands of times. I stick to the same pattern when driving on it. When heading west on Blondo, people usually get in the left lane since the road goes from four lanes to two soon after the intersection. This can cause backup at the intersection, so people will line up in the right lane attempting to speed ahead of all the cars in the left lane. The cars in the left lane don’t want to be passed, so they speed ahead as well trying to not let the cars in the right lane merge. All while doing this at 40-50 mph in a metal object. (more…)

Answered Prayer (We Have A Minivan!)

ME: (answering iPhone) Hello?
ANONYMOUS: Hey Robert, what are you doing?
ME: Just working on what I’m going to say for baby dedications tomorrow.
ANONYMOUS: You want to go shopping?

Where to start.

The Good of the Online Campus So Far

“You are the only confessed Christian I have ever shared that with”

We are three services into the life of the Online Campus. It’s hard to draw too many conclusions from such a small sample size. Still, it’s been worthwhile.

When pitching the concept of online church I could often get people to agree with the concept. I was the evangelist for it. Still, would this thing actually work? To experience the reality of it has been amazing. To see lives changed through it has been humbling and induced a sense of awe.


Beyond The Message: The Land Between

I sit down with Pastor Steve Walters to go over the concept of “the land between”, something Lead Pastor Mark Ashton discussed in his recent Project 4:4 message. Steve and I talk about how everyone encounters the land between at some point, and ways to deal with it in a healthy and godly way.

Project 4:4 / Thoughts About Abraham & Isaac

Some stream of consciousness thoughts about Lead Pastor Mark’s latest Project 4:4 message.

I remember a few years ago studying the Book of Genesis thoroughly and realizing how often the “heroes of the faith” had failed in their lives. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had done some amazing things, but their shortcomings are not often highlighted. I remember thinking that it made them more human, to me, when I realized the depth of sin in their lives. Does it take away from who they are? Not to me. It just reinforces God’s grace in our lives, and how it is not by our own morality that we attain God’s favor.

A reason why some people don’t come to church is they feel they aren’t good enough. Well, who is? If Abraham, Isaac and Jacob weren’t good enough, do you think there are any among us that are? Yet, those three responded to God in faith and they were regarded for it. (Hebrews 11:8-21) This should be an encouragement to any of us that despite whatever we have done, God can use us to do great and wonderful things if we respond to him in faith. (more…)

9/11: Ten Years Later

A collection of thoughts about 9/11, ten years later.

I remember the silence. The silence before all hell broke loose. The drive into work on the morning of September 11 had been silent. I can’t remember why my wife and I weren’t talking, but we weren’t as our car weaved through the backroads of northwest Arkansas. We had some sort of argument that morning, and being newlyweds, for two months, we didn’t exactly have the best communication skills at this point. So it was silent as we drove to work. You would have thought I would have turned the radio on to drown out the silence, but I didn’t.