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Pastor Daouda and Praying for Mali {Video}

Yesterday, at the Old Mill and Online Campus, we were blessed to hear from Pastor Daouda. Pastor Daouda lives and works in the nation of Mali, and through Double Your Impact we’ve been able to support and bless him.

Online Campus: Six Months Later

On February 5, 2012, the Online Campus had its first service. It has been live for six months now. Here are some statistics with the Online Campus.

  • Average attendance of 215
  • Over 4,700 unique visitors
  • Visitors from every state and over 35 countries
  • Nearly 100 prayer requests via the page, and over 75 through social media
  • Attendees connected to Benevolence, Renewal, and other ministries
  • One attendee baptized at Baptism on the Green (more…)

Online Campus Summer Promo [Video]

We’re already five months into the life of the Online Campus, and it’s been a huge success. One of the great things about the Online Campus is if you are away from your physical campus, like Old Mill or Sarpy, you can stay connected via the Online Campus.



Online Campus: What We’ve Learned So Far

On February 5, 2012, we launched the Online Campus at Christ Community Church. While four months is a small sample size, we’ve learned a few things about online church.

People will come

February through May, the Online Campus had 3,500 unique visitors from 28 countries. In the United States, we’ve had visitors from 48 states. (I guess we need to do more outreach in Alaska and New Hampshire.) The Top 3 states our attendees are from, besides Nebraska, are Iowa, Minnesota and Illinois. (Click here to see Online Campus sightings around the world.)


DYI and Parking Updates at the Old Mill Campus

Lead Pastor Mark sent out an update about some of the latest Double Your Impact updates happening at the Old Mill Campus, and some nearby construction that will affect parking and traffic. If you didn’t get the message, click here to read it.

Online Campus Introduction

This past Sunday, the Online Campus officially launched. During the services, we played a video that explained a bit more about the Online Campus. In case you missed it, here’s the video.

Hope to see you at the Online Campus!

Online Campus Update

I wanted to give you an update with where things stand with the Online Campus. I’ve been kind of quiet about it lately, but that’s been purposeful. We had some cool things in the works, but now a number of them are finalized. Here’s a summary of what’s on tap. I’ll go into some more details in the embedded video.

  • Online Campus launches on February 5.
  • Streaming the entire 10:45 Access service.
  • Multi-camera production in HD.

A few other things happening that I didn’t mention in the video.

One is the development for the Online Campus site. Right now, we have a basic version of the Online Campus up and running. However, in mid-January you will see more of the interactive and personal elements to the Online Campus site implemented. (Special thanks to for their help with this.)

Also, early in January 2012 you’ll start to see a physical presence for the Online Campus in the Old Mill Campus Atrium. When the Online Campus launches February 5, the team will be working from this space in the Atrium. (Thanks to Christine Gerhart for designing it and our Property Team for constructing it in the coming weeks.)

Finally, because we will be streaming the entire 10:45 Access service, the Online Campus Team will be working more closely with the team that supports Access. I’m looking forward to this because it’ll be fun to work more with Micah, Ryan and others on a consistent basis. (If you still would like to volunteer to be a part of the Online Campus Team, please let me know!)

I’m excited by what God has in store with the Online Campus. It’s going to be fun to see how God uses it to get people connected with the gospel.

So, before the Super Bowl kickoff, come be a part of the Online Campus kickoff!

(For the latest information about the Online Campus, click here.)

The Database and Pastoral Duties

One thing I’ve learned about being an on-call pastor is you’re rarely prepared for you’ll encounter. Three years ago, one of my first pastoral calls dealt with our…database. I received a call from a mother that was irate with Christ Community Church. Her son had died a few years previous, but yet we were continuing to send him offering envelopes. Part of the reason she was so upset is she had contacted CCC to let them know her son had passed away. It didn’t make any difference. We kept sending her envelopes, thus reminding her about her son’s death every couple of months.

So, when she received her son’s offering envelopes she called the church and wanted to talk to a pastor. She let loose on me, and then she broke down on the phone. I listened a lot, and then I apologized a lot.

There is no excuse for that happening, so why did it happen? We had no organization to our database. We didn’t have a central database, but a number of them. New staff weren’t trained on how to use the database. So, it’s quite possible that whoever this mom talked to did take her son off a database. With how bad our databases were organized, it didn’t matter.

Christ Community Church has been around 90 years, and has a Sunday attendance of 3,200. There are going to be thousands upon thousands of records in the database. It’s long overdue, but we are finally overhauling our database.

Earlier this week, I received training for our upgraded database. Training like this can sometimes be monotonous, but it’s going to help CCC be a lot more efficient and organized. I’m excited about that. The big thing will be getting staff to use it, and use it correctly. I think that will happen, though.

Bonnie Borgum and Michael Born have done a great job spearheading this project. Kudos to them.

The project to upgrade CCC’s database is not something that excites a lot of people, but CCC will be better for it. And, hopefully we don’t have any more pastoral calls like I experienced.

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