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Beyond The Message: Project 4:4 Reflections {Video}

In the latest Beyond The Message, I sit down with my wife, Jana Murphy, to discuss her thoughts on completing Project 4:4. Jana has helped lead the MOPS ministry at CCC (Mothers of Preschoolers), and is a part of the Online Campus team.

Beyond The Message: Superhero Films {Video}

Klint Bitter (Middle School Pastor) and I sit down to discuss superhero films in the latest Beyond The Message. We did this partly for fun, but also because we are often asked about superhero films by parents. We discuss the draw people have with the films, and some guidelines for parents with allowing their kids to see these types of films.

Beyond The Message: Minimalism and the Bible {Video}

In the latest Beyond The Message, I had the opportunity to sit down with Joshua Becker and talk about minimalism. Joshua is an author and speaker on the topic, and has been writing about his own minimalism journey at his blog Becoming Minimalist.

I first heard Joshua share about minimalism back in 2010, and it impacted my life. Since then, I’ve had the joy of getting to know Joshua better through social media and in person.

Recently, Joshua was passing through Omaha and he had some time to sit down and talk about minimalism. We also discussed how many of the values of minimalism are also Biblical values.

Click here if the video doesn’t appear.

Beyond The Message: Balancing Family and Commitments

In the latest Beyond The Message, Middle School Pastor Klint Bitter and I talk a bit about how parents have to be intentional about balancing their families and their kids’ activities/commitments.

Beyond The Message: More Q&A From The Gay Debate (Part 3)

At the third installment of The Gay Debate, we weren’t able to answer the numerous questions that people asked. In this Beyond The Message video, Tim Perry and I try to answer a few more questions that he couldn’t address because of time constraints at Gathering.


Beyond The Message: Servant Songs

In the latest Beyond The Message, I sit down with Tim Perry to discuss the Servant Songs. Tim and I briefly touch on each one of the four “songs”, which are found in the Book of Isaiah.

To watch or listen to Tim’s message, click here.


Beyond The Message: Counseling (and Addressing the Stigma Associated with it)

In the latest Beyond The Message video, I sit down with Pastor Steve Walters to talk about the good that comes with counseling. One of the things we address is the stigma, and shame, that is often associated with it by people who are receiving counseling, or are in need of counseling.

To watch more Beyond The Message videos, click here.

Beyond The Message: Women, Equality and the Bible

In the latest Beyond The Message, Online Campus Pastor Robert Murphy and Pastor of Spiritual Discovery Tim Perry discuss what appears to be inequality amongst men and women in the Old Testament. This question was spurred on by a question during the recent Online Campus service.

Beyond The Message: The Land Between

I sit down with Pastor Steve Walters to go over the concept of “the land between”, something Lead Pastor Mark Ashton discussed in his recent Project 4:4 message. Steve and I talk about how everyone encounters the land between at some point, and ways to deal with it in a healthy and godly way.

Beyond The Message: Project 4:4 So Far

Last week, I sat down with Lead Pastor Mark to get his perspective on how Project 4:4 has gone so far. Mark shares on things he has learned from Project 4:4, topics he wish he had more time to expand on, and what lays ahead with Project 4:4.