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No clue who he was!


Have you ever had the experience of missing something incredible that was staring you right in the face?  You didn’t even know you were in the company of someone incredibly important till after the fact?  In session 02 Rico tells about a fabulous opportunity to meet none other than… THE Prince William… but blew it because he didn’t recognize him.  Sometimes we’re at a double disadvantage of not only having a vague grasp on someone’s identity combined with the presumption that we’d never have the occasion to be in their presence.

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It’s like that with the person of Jesus.  Many today would struggle to name more than a couple of basic facts about Jesus even though he is arguable humanity’s most enduringly famous person.  Combine that with the fact that nearly no one ever really expects him to actually show up in any sense of the word, and you have a person who could remain painfully anonymous and irrelevant to our world.

Do the New Testament documents give us a picture of an anonymous, irrelevant Messiah?  On what basis did people in his day credit him with greatness?  Why was his identity so consequential?  How could he have gotten HIS birthday to become the marker our planet uses to measure the centuries by?

Rico takes us into the Gospel of Mark and looks at 5 key areas over which Jesus demonstrated divine authority.  Bring a friend and come join us this week.  Christianity Explored meets at Christ Community Church on Sunday mornings at 10:45 in room D-126.

“If you don’t get the identity of Jesus right..


…you’ll relate to him in all the wrong ways.”      Rico Tice.

Ever had the chance to meet someone really famous, but you missed it because you didn’t recognize them in time?  The problem isn’t that you weren’t in their presence.  They stood right there in front of you.  But you didn’t even know who you were looking at till later.  At the time you assumed you didn’t NEED to know who they were!

That’s what its like to look at Jesus, but not recognize his true identity.  In session 02 we’ll continue exploring the Gospel of Mark by asking, “Who Jesus is?”  Seems simple enough, but in a and age when so few (who even attend church) really understand who Jesus is, its more crucial than ever to answer the question of his identity.

Come join in the discussion at Christianity Explored – meets Sundays at 9:00 or at 10:45 or at during the cafe at 12:15.  Look for us in room D-126.  Bring a friend.  If you come during the cafe hour, bring a few bucks for lunch.

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