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Pennies can make a difference


If you were in church on January 15th, you might remember hearing Pastor Mark mention how the children of CCC raised $2,787.33 to purchase 115 Chinese Study Bibles for pastors in China! Many of these pastors in China lead dozens of small house churches and are desperate for Bibles like these that can help them learn how to teach the Bible to their congregations.

It all started when an anonymous donor gave $250 and we challenged the children to match that amount in one month. The 4th and 5th graders really got behind the challenge and they easily went well above $250. Not to be left out, our Wednesday Boys Club challenged the Girls Club and in just one night, combined, they brought in over $110!

To make it even more fun we set up two mini shopvacs (nicknamed “Offervacs”) as their offering “basket”. The kids brought their money in, turned on the Offervac and watched as it sucked up their money.

This was a great opportunity for the leaders to teach the kids how important it was for them to bring in their own money and not to ask their parents for money. So we brainstormed ways they could raise the money (doing extra chores, helping neighbors, etc.), or what they could give up (a cup of hot chocolate on a Sunday morning) in order to bring in money to purchase the Bibles!

It was so amazing watching kids come in with bags full of pennies, nickels, and dimes. Week after week they kept it up, bringing in what they had earned this week, to help buy these Bibles. They never gave up. In the last two weeks in December, they donated $45 each week!

It’s so fun to watch kids helping kids, and we already have a new project ready for 2017, where our kids will help kids in Peru afford to go to Bible camp. We can’t wait to see how many they will be able to send.