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Perspectives at CCC



Before I became the Missions Pastor at CCC, I was guy who sat in the seats on Sunday morning just like everyone else. But my wife and I both loved missions work and took every opportunity we could to get involved. We went on short-term mission trips, we gave money to various projects, and we helped out wherever we could. But over the years I came to realize I didn’t really know a lot about the strategy behind missions. I didn’t really understand why missionaries would do the things they do. I didn’t really get why God would use ordinary people like me to advance his cause in the world. Maybe, like me, you struggle with some of these same questions. This is where the Perspectives class comes in.

Perspectives is an amazing, 15-week class designed for the average, hard-working, regular person who wants answers to basic questions about missions. You simply won’t find a better opportunity to learn about the history of missions, the strategy of missions, the culture of missions, and the future of missions. This class will give you insight into why God would use a regular person like you to change the world.

Perspectives is being offered in 2017 to anyone in the city of Omaha, but CCC is blessed to be the class host. Starting on Monday, January 16th, in the CCC student center, I am inviting you to participate. Just go to the Perspectives website and click Register to get started.

If you are not sure yet if you really want to take the class, the cool thing is that you can come the first couple of weeks for free. Just show up at the student center and sit through the class to see if it’s for you. Hope to see you there!