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Israel Introduction

World View Mashup: Christianity meets Native American Folk Religion

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Well, how did we go from  “Christianity versus Atheism” to Christianity meets First Nations folk religion?  That’s where our current series on World Views is taking us!  People in our class are curious about how the Gospel compares with other world views and other religions.  One of our class participants is a Lakota Indian  – as a natural part of our curiosity about world views it just seems to make sense to explore this typically uncharted territory for a church like CCC.

Come on out and enjoy the conversation.  This week will be a fascinating look at a world view with some incredible theistic undercurrents.  We’ll be overwhelmed with the breadth of things to consider.  Of course we’ll handle a subject like this with utmost circumspection knowing full well the historical context we find ourselves in as Americans.  Pray for me as I research and prepare for Sunday’s session.  It’s one of the biggest challenges I’ve tried to tackle in a long while.

UNCONVINCED meets each Sunday at Christ Community Church.

10:45 – in room D-126

See you there.  Bring a friend!

The Perrotto Family – Mission in Miami

family pic 2Matt and Teri have five children, Alec, Marcus, Ellah, Madelyn and Isaac with ages ranging from 15 to 5 years. Matt and Teri were born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and chose to raise their family and build their lives there, until God prompted them to make a change. Separately, they were involved with missions in college and for a short time after. Once they were married and had children, it was something they put on hold until joining Christ Community Church (CCC) in Omaha in 2010. While attending CCC Matt and Teri became involved with youth ministry and the family enjoyed helping with community outreach in North Omaha. In November of 2012, Teri was blessed to go on a short term mission trip to China.

Sometime in the fall of 2012, Teri and Matt had a discussion about a long-term family mission trip. They found out that this is something they both had been thinking about quite often, but just hadn’t really talked about. This was the beginning of them sensing God’s call on their lives to be missionaries. In April of 2014, they left everything and moved to the Dominican Republic for a 2-year ministry assignment with an Alliance organization called Envision. While in the DR, the entire family participated in the Mission which built a new church in an impoverished area, expanded 2 other churches that desperately needed more space, painted numerous churches, led thousands of children in VBS, ran sports clinics where they shared the Gospel with the participants and saw God move through prayer ministry in many villages. Their time in the DR passed quickly and the second summer was nearing its end. During that time, they were asked if they would be interested in leading a new Envision site in Miami, Florida with the Alliance. Through a lot of prayer Matt and Teri sensed God leading them to Miami and recently have accepted the Site Coordinator position. They have come back to Omaha to work on raising financial and prayer partnerships.

In Miami, the Perrottos will be working alongside Alliance churches in a multi-cultural setting (Latino, Haitian, Russian, Chinese, and North American). They will be serving in the inner-city and surrounding areas to revive the city for Christ. They will be starting a new Envision Site from the ground level, which will be designed to facilitate short term mission trips while focusing on discipleship of interns and youth. You are invited to join in this work for the Kingdom. Please consider your part, whether it be prayer support, financial partnership or participation in a short term mission to serve God in Miami.

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact us.

email  Matt (402)999-2465; Teri (402)999-2462