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World View Collision!


Last week in Unconvinced we learned how to think in World-View terms.  Everyone has a world view – a basic set of assumptions about the way the world works.  This week, two contrasting positions are going to square off each with an able representative.  We’ll be viewing what I would consider one of the best Christopher Hitchens’ debates I can recall (I’ve watched many of the late Chris Hitchens’ debates with Christians).

The thing I like about this particular piece is that the producer gives us a rare glimpse into the relationship between the two interlocutors.  And I must say that in most Hitchens debates I’ve ever seen with a few important exceptions, I’ve felt sorry for Hitchens’ opponent.  Here you’ll see a pretty fair contest between two very bright minds neither of whom overwhelms the other.

Come on out and join in the conversation.  We’ll be viewing about 55 minutes of this hour and a half piece.  We’ll liven things up with our own conversation about Christian Theism and Materialistic Naturalism.  Bring a friend … and some pop-corn.  This one is quite a good fight!


The Universe Next Door – New Unconvinced Series

universe next door

This weekend in UNCONVINCED we begin a new series on the topic of World View.  Dr. James Sire has written the classic primer on the subject of World Views called The Universe Next Door.  In the first week of our series we’ll define what a World View is and talk about why EVERYONE WITHOUT EXCEPTION has one.  Sire claims that every world view regardless of its expression, answers 7 basic questions.  Questions like:  What is prime reality?  or What is the nature of the material universe?  or What is the human person?

Every world view imaginable whether we’re talking Theism, Naturalism or Pluralism answers each question in a distinct way.  Understanding how world views differ gives us important insight into the uniqueness of the Gospel and how Jesus himself relates to the various options.

Come join in the exploration.  Unconvinced meets in Room D-126 at 10:45 each Sunday.  Unconvinced is a skeptics venue at Christ Community Church designed to meet the needs of those questioning belief in God and the meaning of Gospel.  Bring a questioning friend with you.  Each time we put a fresh topic on the wall and explore it with the help of a facilitator.  Question and answer are generously welcome.  Come prepared to share your perspective as you listen and learn together with others.

Tim Perry – Pastor of Spiritual Discovery

Believe, Follow, Become!

come die conclusion

This week we’ll wrap up our 10 week adventure through the Gospel of Mark with teacher Rico Tice.  Christianity Explored has been a seeker’s guide to the life of Jesus and the meaning of the Gospel.  Come join us for the finale.  We’ll finish things up with a two part extended play version of our Unconvinced class.

Unconvinced meets at Christ Community Church at 10:45 in room D-126.

After our usual class time, we’ll have lunch together in D-126, then transition over to the Student Center at 1:00pm.  Not only will we finish up Christianity Explored, but we’ll also check out a cool app called The Big Story.  We’ll sum up the message of Christianity.   Not only will we review what we’ve learned, we’ll also ask some courageous questions of personal response.  Come join in, even if you haven’t been to Unconvinced in a while.  We’d love to see you.

If you plan on joining us for lunch, please email me and let me know you’re for sure coming, and I’ll reserve a lunch for you!  So far we have 14 people coming.  There’s still definitely room for more!

See you this weekend hopefully!

Tim Perry

Beware the yeast of Herod!


So what is the yeast of Herod?  As we head toward the last three sessions of Christianity Explored, Rico Tice will take us into the last week of Jesus earthly ministry.  As we consider what WE will do with Jesus, we’ll consider the tragic decision of Herod to have John the Baptist executed!  Mark the gospel writer lets us feel the weight of being a true disciple and the call of Jesus to follow in spite of persecution.

Unconvinced meets in D-126 Sundays during the second service at Christ Community (10:45).

The current series will conclude on Sunday, Oct 18th.  We’ll have an extended play version of Christianity Explored.  We’ll have our normal class at 10:45 – then we’ll have lunch together and finish up the series with a few special sessions including some live stories as well as a final video session from Rico.

Come join us for a free lunch  and the final sessions.  Bring a friend.  If you plan on coming on the 18th, just send me an email so we can reserve a lunch for you.  Email me at:

Tim Perry