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What do you want Jesus to do for you?

what do you want

We’re heading towards the conclusion of Christianity Explored in Unconvinced.  This upcoming week, we’ll look at the stark contrast Mark the Gospel writer paints for us between James and John (two of Jesus’ disciples) and a humble blind man named Bartimaeus.  Jesus asks them the exact same question:  What do you want me to do for you?  They give SUCH DIFFERENT ANSWERS.

Unconvinced meets Sundays in room D-126 during the second service.  10:45 am

What would you say?  Rico helps us ask the question  by challenging us to consider what really is in our heart.  What really does give life meaning for us?  What is one thing about life that if it was taken away from you would make life seem not worth living?

Unconvinced Extended Play Experience:  Sunday, October 18th

Also an invitation here to join us October 18th for lunch.  After class we’ll have some lunch together then finish up Christianity Explored.  We’ll also hear a few stories of people who have become Christ followers and we’ll finish Mark’s Gospel with the last Rico Tice teaching session.  If you are interested in joining us just swat me an email and we’ll get you signed up and order a lunch for you!

Are you listening?


Jesus is trying to get us to hear something.  Are we listening?  This week in Unconvinced Mark’s Gospel takes us to the most important quality a spiritual seeker must have to get anywhere with God…  Ears to Hear!  Without ears to hear, we’ll miss everything.  At the risk of spilling the story, I’ll simply invite you to come give Jesus a listen.

Unconvinced meets Sundays at Christ Community Church in room D-126 (the hallway between the Worship Center and Access.  We get started at 10:45 when the second service begins.  Come join us and bring a friend.  Warning:  If you’re not careful, you’ll hear what Jesus is saying and life will change for you!


What is Grace all about?

how much do i owe you

We’ve been working our way through the Gospel of Mark on Sunday mornings in Unconvinced.  This week we’ll look at the topic of Grace.  What God offers us we don’t deserve, we can’t earn and we’ll never pay for!  The account of the rich, young ruler seeking eternal life from Jesus takes us to the heart of the gospel.  We are more sinful than we ever realized, but more loved than we ever dreamed!

Come join us at 10:45 in room D-126 during the second service.  Rico Tice is our teacher via video.  We’ll also spend some time in whole group discussion and table conversation.  Bring a friend!

Tim Perry – Pastor of Spiritual Discovery

life-giving sea container heads for Mali

sea1This last weekend about 50 volunteers from CCC packed up a huge sea container full of donated goods for Mali. This was so much more than just “stuff” that people need, but instead “life-giving” items that impact both the physical well-being of the Malian people and their spiritual well-being.

Check out the list of what was on the container:

– Critical medicine and medical supplies for the hospital to treat newborn babies, cancer patients, burn victims, and more.

– Over 200,000 highly nutritious meals (packaged by CCC volunteers) to help fight malnutrition in thousands of children

– New operating room lights so the hospital can open a 3rd surgical ward

– Oxygen tanks, tools, storage cabinets, an ultrasound machine, and other hospital equipment

– 6 laptop and 5 desktop computers to upgrade the computers at the hospital (funded by the Mali Project)

– Dental chairs and dental equipment

– 20 sets of school desks and chairs for Bethel Bible College students

– 15 laptop computers that will be given to next years graduating Pastors at Bethel

– 10 boxes of audio Bibles

– farm tractor that will assist Malian Pastors as they seek to help feed locals in their communities

– and of course, a ton of toilet paper for our missionaries!

As you can see, an impressive list, especially when you consider that most everything on the container was a donation. Please pray that the container arrives safely (probably some time in November) and that these items truly bring life to people in need.