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Is Sin really all that big of a deal? Unconvinced – Session 03

the fat test

At Unconvinced we’ve been enjoying a front row seat to the life, teachings and claims of Jesus.  Rico Tice is taking us through Mark’s Gospel account with an engaging blend of video teaching and live interaction around our tables.  If you have questions about the basics of Christianity, what the Bible teaches about Jesus or are just curious spiritually but wouldn’t consider yourself a believer, then Unconvinced is a great venue for you to check out.

Sunday mornings, 10:45 in Room D-126

Each week 15 to 20 of us meet around tables for the purpose of exploring the Bible from the perspective of an unconvinced mind.  If you are a Christian with a friend you find yourself in spiritual conversations with, invite your friend to attend with you.  If you’re a skeptical seeker of truth, you’re our guest of honor!  You’ll find great company with others who my have similar questions.

This week Rico will take us into the world of “The Fat Test”.  Actually we’ll be talking about sin.  And how Jesus taught about it.  Come on out and join in the discussion!