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CCC team ministers in Guatemala orphanage

From July 5-14 a team of 14 people from CCC ministered to around 35 children at an orphanage run by CCC missionaries Norman and Vickie Sutton. This is their story, as told by their team leader, Eva Rhoades.

“And God’s says, I’m gonna turn it into something different. I’m gonna turn it into something good. I’m gonna take all the broken pieces and make something beautiful like only I could. So put it all in the hands of the Father. Give it up, give it all over to the only one who can turn it into something beautiful, something really beautiful.” –Steven Curtis Chapman

IMG_0365Fourteen broken people. Who knew that this random group of people–young & old, rich & poor, new & longtime believers, would be such a vibrant, effective group?

God knew! God only asked us to go with servant hearts… and He would work out the rest. God called each of us on this very trip, and we were obedient. We went. We served. We loved. We played. We laughed. We cried. We learned. We saw God. We felt God. We heard God.

Our group joined CCC missionaries Norman & Vickie Sutton at the orphanage Hogar de Vida, in San Andres, Guatemala. One of our tasks was to put on a vacation Bible school for the younger kids at the Home. The focus for our time with them was on 5 parables Jesus told. All of the planning and preparation that went into the storytelling, the songs, the games, the snacks and the crafts was incredible! Our team did what was asked and God blessed it!

Another task we had was to help with some projects around the Home—most of us painted 5 of the rooms the kids share, while some painted roofs and others even welded. We certainly got our work projects completed, but even better than that, we had fun along the way with our mini-helpers! We would work, and then take a break to push someone on the tire swing, help make bracelets, or paint fingernails.

One morning, we had the opportunity to travel out to a more rural school. While there we were able to help clean and style their hair, play games and share the Gospel. We witnessed team members stepping up and out of their comfort zones to help in ways they didn’t feel comfortable with, but again in obedience of God’s call.

We were also able to spend an entire morning serving the children and staff of the Home by cooking brunch & lunch, and leading the staff in a devotional & craft. Most meals are made from scratch in Guatemala, so spending hours cooking and baking for 60 people was a feat none of us were equipped to do. However, we found much joy out of doing so! It was such a blessing to see the staff stop working, enjoy each other and have some fun.

Though we were expecting God to move, we may not have been expecting all that He had planned and carried out. Walls that had been put up around our hearts, in fear or protection, started to crumble. Hearts began to soften and open to the children of the Home, and to each other. Quiet times in connection with the Lord began to reveal many things. A newfound love for others and for serving began to flourish. A longing to be With God intensified. Lastly, we came away with a desire to bring all of our brokenness to God and have faith that He will use it to glorify and further His kingdom.

Please pray for:
*CCC missionaries Norman and Vickie Sutton.
*The children of Hogar de Vida.
*The people of Guatemala.
*Our team.

CCC helps build sustainable income for Malian Pastor

Just to give you a good understanding of how important a role CCC plays in Mali, let me share with you a recent story.

IMG_2909In 2014 CCC assisted missionaries Shawn & Becky McCabe with $10,000 to help them launch a new fish farm by the Niger river. They purposely put this farm  in a location that is a near a small village that has been closed to Christians or the gospel. Their prayer is that the fish farm can be used as a means to provide jobs for men in the village and much needed food for families. Their prayer is that this village will become open to the gospel.

After starting the farm Shawn hired 7 local Malian men who lived in this village to work at the farm. For their work they get to keep 75% of profits from the sell of the fish. He then invited them to attend a Saturday Bible study each week, and all 7 men are attending. Keep in mind, these are Muslim men who know nothing of Jesus and the Bible, and yet they are now attending a Bible study.

But the long-term solution is not for a missionary from America to mentor these men, so our denomination of churches in Mali sent a Pastor named Sofoni to live nearby and lead the Bible study. Sofoni is not only mentoring these men, he has also started a new church. However, this is a problem because Sofoni has a family so he needs an income to for them to live. This is where CCC comes in.

IMG_20150713_092952202_HDRCCC provided $3,000 to help Sofoni buy a new taxi, called a Moto-Taxi, that will hold up to 10 passengers. In Mali almost everyone gets around using either a small motorcycle called a Moto, they walk, or they take a taxi. This Moto-Taxi will allow Sofoni to work part-time and provide enough income for he and his family to continue their work in helping reach this village for Christ.

So the McCabes, the Malian church, and CCC have all come together in partnership to reach this small Malian village with the love and hope of Jesus Christ. What a beautiful thing!


Unconvinced About Jesus ends on a bang this Sunday!

week 6 question

Yup.  Peter gets the ultimate smack down by Jesus himself.  Right after an absolutely brilliant answer to the simple question from Jesus to the Disciples… ” Hey guys, who do people say that I am?”

This week concludes our study in UNCONVINCED  about Jesus and his skeptics.  Lots of stuff you’d never expect comes out surrounding Peter – Jesus’ most passionate disciple.  Peter rebukes Jesus, denies Jesus, ignores Jesus.  Yet in the end, he’s restored in spite of his impulsive abandonment.  If Peter himself… “the Rock on which Jesus built his Church” can crumble with doubt and denial – it can happen to the best of us.  Yet our doubts and our worst faith failures aren’t the end of the story.

Week 6 Handout

Week 6 Peter Passages

Come jump in on the last of our 6 week series.  Don’t be shy.  But bring your questions and your friends.  We’ve had a great time over the course of the past 6 weeks.  This week won’t be an exception!  We meet in Room D-126 at Christ Community on Sundays at 10:45.

Jesus Was Unconvinced!


Being unconvinced is a two way street.  When Jesus began his ministry he introduced the arrival of the Kingdom of God!  Quite a statement of power!  How could Jesus validate a claim like that?  This week in Unconvinced we’ll consider the options Jesus had at his disposal to build the base of popular credibility for his ministry.  Who would he turn to in order to validate his claims?  Which groups would be convinced of his vision for the Kingdom of God?  Jesus was utterly unconvincing to every group, every faction and every political player of his day.  And the feeling was certainly mutual on Jesus’ part!  Jesus was very underwhelmed by every faction political or religious who he could have turned to for support.

Week 5 Handout