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God, Sex and Gay Marriage – This week in UNCONVINCED

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This week we’re taking a bit of a detour from the Reason for God DVD in our Skeptic’s Venue we call UNCONVINCED.  As a part of our current CCC message series, Pastor Mark will be speaking this next week on the issue of homosexuality.  Faith, Hope and Love should mark the Christian experience.  But what does that look like in a culture charged with controversy over the issue of Gay Marriage?

I had a hunch that we should just focus our time this week on this topic.  We’ll look at what I consider to be the two biggest problems people have with the Church on this subject.  1- If the Church is to insist on traditional marriage in the public sphere, does the Church really honor it’s own definition?  If so, why is there so much struggle with divorce among Christians?  Why does it seem like the Church gives more grace to help divorced people than it does to those struggling with same sex desires?

2- The other great source of debate is the Bible itself.  Is there really a clear position on homosexuality in the pages of scripture?  Many today criticize the Bible as being irrelevant to mutually consenting adult homosexual relationships.

Come join us if you dare.  As we do each week in UNCONVINCED, we encourage an honest, open dialogue with participants – safe place to talk about potentially dangerous stuff!  UNCONVINCED meets at Christ Community Church each Sunday in Room D-126 at 10:45.