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Time to contact your Representative – LB 294 Anti-Human Trafficking

contact local representative

Many of you may already be aware of current Anti-Human Trafficking legislation, but in case you’re new to this, I’d love to have you check out a couple of informational links about Legislative Bill 294.  The bill is out of committee and headed to a vote this week.  NOW is a very good time to contact your representative.

According to the Nebraska Family Alliance website, a couple of key features of this legislation is aimed at include:

1) Enabling law enforcement to better fight human trafficking in Nebraska by increasing penalties for pandering and solicitation of prostitution.

2) Any assets obtained through the crime of human trafficking would result in civil forfeiture. In other words, if someone is convicted of trafficking, any property obtained through the crime or that facilitated the crime is subject to confiscation by the state and would go toward a fund for human trafficking victims.

Here are a couple of very important links that will put you in touch with more details about the legislation and will facilitate your response:

That first link is super helpful.  A basic script about the legislation will pop up once you enter your name, email address and street address.  The site will connect you automatically via email with your legislative representative.  You can edit the script as you would like.

Thanks for your participation!  Know that you will be joining the efforts of thousands of others connected to this cause.  WRITE TODAY or TOMORROW if possible as this is the window of opportunity that is most critical for making your voice heard.



Evidence: UNCONVINCED, Sunday mornings at 10:45

Unconvinced Pic 1

Hey Tim, what are we doing in UNCONVINCED now that the new Evidence series has kicked off?  Great question!  In the wake of Easter and Dr. Frank Turek’s visit last weekend, we thought we’d change up the topic in UNCONVINCED.   Currently we’re working through Tim Keller’s DVD series and book called Reason for God.  Here’s a peek at our first session.  Same format as usual for UNCONVINCED.  Some dialogue around tables, then 20 minutes of content via DVD, then more dialogue as a class.

Come on out if you’re up for it!  Especially if you have a seeking or skeptical minded friend who would like to attend with you.  We’ve changed our location from the Atrium to D-126 along the hallway connecting the Worship Center to the Access Lobby. We meet at 10:45 during the second service.   Here’s the schedule of topics we’ll be covering:

04.19  Isn’t the Bible a myth?  Hasn’t Science disproved Christianity?

04.26 How can you say there is only one way to God?  What about other religions?

05.03 What gives you the right to tell me how to live my life?  What are there so many rules?

05.10 Why does God allow suffering and evil?  Why is there so much evil in the world?

05.17 Why is the Church responsible for so much injustice?  Why are Christians such hypocrites?

05.24 Why should the Church define what marriage is about?  Is the Bible’s message about homosexuality clear or even relevant today?  (Special session not a part of Tim Keller’s DVD)

05.31 How can God be full of love and wrath at the same time?  How can God send good people to hell?