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Healing Story

In this clip, Pastor Paul Gedden and volunteer Linda Bishop share a personal experience of Jesus’ divine healing power.

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This Age vs. The Age to Come

In this clip, Pastor Mark uses a diagram to show This Age vs The Age to Come and Kingdom Cure.

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Bill Nye / Ken Ham Debate

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I watched the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate last night with my kids in eager expectation. I liked the question – “Is Creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era?”

There were many impressive components of the debate. Both men were professional. The logistics went off without a hitch. Visuals were well presented by both sides.

Bill Nye did good science through most of the debate. He represented the idea of a naturalistic universe well and gave specific credible answers to support his point. Unfortunately, he showed that he had a very weak understanding of the Bible, Biblical interpretation or a Biblical worldview. He dismissed the possibility of God’s existence and ability to communicate as an a priori assumption. He often erroneously referred to Hams view as being derived from a 3,000 year old book translated over and over, finally into American English.

Ken Ham did many things well – he defined important terms, introduced credible scientists, and clarified important concepts related to species that can be known vs. what is speculation based on unobservable data. He missed his audience on some points, though. He wound up spending far too much time on an assumption that his audience does not hold (the authority of the Bible). While I believe in Biblical authority wholeheartedly, the study of creation demands a creator simply based on observable evidence from design. As Christians, we do not reject the revelation of nature in favor of the revelation of the Bible. They both point to the same conclusion. In fact, the evidence from science alone points toward the ultimate reliability of the Bible – without having to presuppose it. Beginning with science in this debate would build a bridge to the scientific community based on common ground.

The biggest miss of the debate, however, happened in the choice of the debater – Ken Ham. Bill Nye strategically chose to pick on the weakest piece of his argument again and again. That weak point is Ham’s contention is that the earth is 6000 years old. There is overwhelming scientific data to demonstrate an older earth.

The truth is, a ‘young earth’ is a valid Biblical viewpoint that many smart Christians hold. However, it is a minority viewpoint in the Christian/creationist community. Further, it is unnecessary to hold as a Christian. Most Christians who hold to the authority of the Bible hold to an older earth perspective (billions of years old). This is a valid Biblical viewpoint that fits the evidence AND builds bridges with scientists seeking truth.

The question is whether a creationist model is a viable scientific model. The question is one of origins – was there an intelligent creator, or was the process blind and random? The age of the earth is not necessary to answer this crucial question. Christians are often times wise to sidestep non-essential issues in order to get to the questions of ultimate importance.

The distance between the two debaters was most clearly shown in questions at the end of the debate. Nye, committed to scientific naturalism, had very different answers than Ham, who is committed to a Biblical worldview. When asked how matter came into the world, Nye simply said “I don’t know.” Ham followed the Bible and basic philosophy with a clear answer to the ultimate question of origins. God made it.

When asked where consciousness came from, Nye did not have an answer, but Ham’s was clear. Conscious humans come from a conscious creator. Unconscious material does not create consciousness. This makes common sense.

The central issue is that of worldviews. The Biblical worldview answers important philosophical questions that are left unanswered by naturalists. The Biblical worldview is scientifically credible. In fact, the whole of creation points to the creator. The Biblical worldview is internally consistent and a study of nature points to an intelligent, artistic, engineer who master planned the whole thing.


Lead Pastor Mark Ashton

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Jenna Hager update from Zambia

Jenna Hager, and 18-year old from CCC, recently decided to forgo her first year of college to serve in missions overseas. She served the last fall in Guatemala for 2 months at an orphanage, and now she is in Zambia for 4 months serving at New Day Orphanage. Here is an update from Jenna.

IMG_0500My Zambian adventure has started off well. Living here seems so much like living in the United States, with the exception of the busy bustling of life, and that the Zambian lifestyle is how we as humans and Christians are called to live (in my opinion any ways). We work hard, have rest, enjoy fellowship, take time to talk to others and help a brother out, and are welcoming of others. The sun reminds me of the work to be done, the breezes the relief we can feel. Since it is the rainy season, rains come down and bring everything back to life. It is beautiful to see it rain here.

A great story. The other day, 5 of us set out to shop in a neighbor town called Choma, roughly 45 minutes away. We got there, and mid way through the afternoon, it started to downpour rain. We were informed that the bridge roughly 10 minutes away from the orphanage, that we had to cross to get home, was flooded and un passable. We left Choma, hoping by the time we got there it would have gone down. 13 hours later, after pulling one of our guys out of the mud, a rough nights sleep in the truck, an attempt and semi success of making a fire, and getting to talk with some others stuck by the river, we decided to go the back way, and though tricky, made it out safely. A trip that was only supposed to take maybe 6 hours, lasted 23 hours. It was a great time.

IMG_0561Teaching is going well. I teach Kindergarten Bible, Pre-K through 4th grade Music and Theater and kids morning devotion twice a week. While many of the kids here are believers, it is still good to fill them and talk with them on Christ, so I take every opportunity to do such. They amaze me with how much knowledge they have of the bible, the stories if has and the people of the stories. It encourages me to know that little ones do love to hear about their heavenly father, even in a world today of such brokenness and despair. Yes, there is much brokenness here, but God know’s what the situations are and know’s what each person needs, just like anywhere else. He is an awesome God.

My biggest prayer request would be for my health right now. Outwardly I am very healthy, but inwardly with my bad back, joints, knees and neck, I am not doing well. The pain is increasing and weighing heavily on me.
Prayer that either God would take this pain from me, or give me the strength to continue through it. His will be done through it all and not my own.

Thank you so much for the prayers and support you have given me.

God Bless,