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What are your priorities with your Kids?

In this clip, Lead Pastor Mark discusses the two priorities he has in raising his children.

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Steve & Terry Walters Farewell

Lead Pastor Mark honors Steve and Terry Walters for their 17 years of service at CCC as they head onto a new journey.

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CCC short-term mission team in Guatemala

3CCC recently sent a team of 12 people to minister with CCC missionaries Norman and Vickie Sutton at their orphanage in Guatemala. Team members were Eva Rhoades, Michelle Harvat, Melissa Head, Christina Hadley, Megan Dirks, Kelsey Koch, Elizabeth Becker, Sarah Piercy, Kendra Moon, Alex Gregerson, Taylor Woodward, and Jovannah Ross. Below is a brief report from their team.

Vacation Bible School?  Check.  Work projects?  Check.  Trips to the villages to serve?  Check.  While these activities were a very valuable and necessary part of our trip, it was in the small moments and relationships that God worked through our team and in us.  For many of the team members, this short-term mission trip was not their first time serving overseas.  Many of us came into the trip with expectations of what we were going to be doing, how we would be serving, and also how God might show up.  We quickly learned that this trip wasn’t so much about “doing,” but about “being.”  It wasn’t so much about busyness, but stillness.  It wasn’t so much about talking and sharing what we knew, but about listening and relationships.  It wasn’t about independency, but about community.  It wasn’t so much about a final product, but about a journey.

4We were effective in serving the Guatemalans, continuing to build trust between the people and North Americans and in loving others.  However, God used many different people and events to show us what it was like to be served, to build trust and to love others.  We observed Norm and Vickie Sutton, the missionaries from CCC who serve at Hogar de Vida, serving the children, the people of Guatemala, and US!  We observed them loving on the children as if they were their own biological children.  We observed them building relationships, community and trust with their fellow workers at Hogar de Vida.  We experienced a love and concern from the Suttons that can only come from a deep and continual connection with God.

We went into this trip expecting God to show up and to move.  He did, in big ways.  Each team member is now moving forward from this short-term mission experience with different memories and different experiences.  However, we all take away the knowledge that we serve a mighty, great God, who can do anything with anyone who has a willing heart.

2Our team would like to ask you to be praying over the Suttons.

  • Please pray that they are supported financially.
  • Please pray that they continue to find time to rest and be still.
  • Please pray that they continue to stay healthy.
  • Please pray that they continue to make wise decisions regarding Hogar de Vida and other teams.

Juggling the American Life

In this clip, Lead Pastor Mark shares about the juggling act that is the American way of life.

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CCC short-term mission team ministers in Peru

072013 peru team 2A team of  10 people from CCC recently ministering Peru on a short-term mission trip to work with the ministry of CCC missionaries Dr. Allen and Amy George. Below is a report and some pictures of their experience.

CCC Team: Scott Wade, Tami Wade, Chris Confer, Bill Schmidt, Randy Christiansen, Kallie Christiansen, Aaron Brodahl, Molly Glover, Chris Sorenson, and Alice Holmes

We landed in Arequipa, Peru on the 21st of August and proceeded to Camp La Joya. Not knowing what to expect, we only knew we would be pouring concrete footings, however, the activities that we were involved in far surpassed our expectations. Each day, we had devotions with the Peruvian workers, Jim and Vegas Dargatz, (the missionary camp directors), and a missionary translator after breakfast. Starting the day with the Lord’s word and prayer kept the team inspired and energized.

2On Monday morning we started work on the new bath complex. The footings were dug when we got there and our part was to fill them with the huge mound of boulders that were on site and, of course, the concrete that we had to mix by hand and wheel barrow to the trenches. As you can see by the pics there were a lot of rocks!  We poured footings from Monday through Thursday then tied rebar for the column supports until we left on Friday at around 2:00 o’clock.

We had interesting things take place each day but always felt that the Lord kept us together with a desire to complete as much as we can in the time frame that we had.  We all were bitten up by noseums, which are gnat-like bugs that loved new blood, some more than others. They were extremely itchy and a great nuisance.

3This team was truly an awesome group of people and with the Lord’s help, did some amazing work. Each member was selected by God and each served a purpose for His glory. I have been around many construction crews who have not worked as hard as this team did. Men and women of varied ages doing work that would scare most people.This was only made  possible by the Lord.

Soccer is the favorite pastime of the Peruvians so, after work on two nights we enjoyed games with our Peruvian brothers. They were very happy to have people come to the camp that would oblige them with a game of soccer. We were greatly moved by Alex, a Peruvian worker, who on the following day of our first soccer game, praised the members for the game and for the friendships being made. His sheer candidness and openness moved some of us to tears as he shared his feelings about our team. He was offered Spanish Bibles brought over by team member, Bill Schmidt, to share with his family as did other members of their crew. They were moved by the gesture and it affected everyone in our team to see their appreciation and desire for the word of God. 

1Friday afternoon we moved into the city so that on Saturday morning we could help brother Allen put a roof on his family’s church. This was the icing on the cake to an already awesome week! They had been having night services at this church for years with no roof. We put a roof on the church, put a tarp along one wall where there was no wall, painted pictures with scriptures on them to decorate the walls and then ran electricity to the roof where we tied it into 6 lights to light their new church. We also repaired their bathroom plumbing and widened their steps! This was very satisfying, being able to finish a construction project and then seeing the Pastor and his wife at service on Sunday. Allen said that he’d never seen the Pastor’s wife smile that big. It was just awesome for everyone on our team to be able to work alongside the Peruvians and Allen, his family, and to experience what God is doing for their ministry in Peru.

We feel privileged and moved by our time in Peru. We feel that it has changed each member of our team and know that the Lord is making His presence known in this country.