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Moved to tears…

As many of you know, CCC sends teachers to a far away country (which cannot be mentioned on this blog) to train Pastors in the Bible. Over the last two years we have had 10 different trips and have trained over 720 Pastors and church leaders in Romans, Ephesians, and Bible Theology.

Our latest teacher, whom I will call John for the sake of this blog, just got back last week where he was able to train 58 Pastors in Bible Theology. At the end of his class on Wednesday, as he was leaving for the day, he noticed a Pastor with their head down weeping. John quickly grabbed his translator and went to ask this Pastor what was wrong. The Pastor looked at John with tears rolling down his face and said, “I am crying because the other Pastors where I am from and the people in our churches need this training so badly. We have never heard this kind of teaching before from the Bible.”

Wow, what a blessing it is for God to call CCC to train Pastors in other countries who yearn so desperately to understand God’s word. I know I have said this before, but thank you for your donations to DYI over these last three years. These donations have made these training teams possible and we pray that God will continue to provide opportunity for us to continue to train these Pastors and church leaders for many years to come.