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CCC & Instagram

Instagram is a favorite app for many. People share moments and memories with it. Many of us staff post to Instagram on a consistent basis.

Now, Christ Community Church has an Instagram account setup. What we hope to do with it is capture some of the wonderful moments that happen here.

Find us on Instagram at “cccomaha”. Our Instagram pics will also post to a Tumblr we have set up if you’d prefer to follow that.










Beyond The Message: Minimalism and the Bible {Video}

In the latest Beyond The Message, I had the opportunity to sit down with Joshua Becker and talk about minimalism. Joshua is an author and speaker on the topic, and has been writing about his own minimalism journey at his blog Becoming Minimalist.

I first heard Joshua share about minimalism back in 2010, and it impacted my life. Since then, I’ve had the joy of getting to know Joshua better through social media and in person.

Recently, Joshua was passing through Omaha and he had some time to sit down and talk about minimalism. We also discussed how many of the values of minimalism are also Biblical values.

Click here if the video doesn’t appear.

Be in the Virtual Choir for the Christmas Eve Services {Video}

This year’s Christmas Eve services, we’ll be having a virtual choir that performs “O Come O Come Emmanuel” in the services. It is open to anyone and everyone. (This means you!) To find out more about it, visit There you can find an example virtual choir video, a video on how-to submit your video for the virtual choir, and the necessary accompaniment tracks to sing for the virtual choir.

If you have any questions, email us at

Skeptic’s Challenge {Video}

This past Gathering was a good event. We had a great turnout in person, and online, for Skeptic’s Challenge. Tim Perry, John Holmes and myself had a fun time answering questions about the Bible, Project 4:4 and more.

If you have your own question, feel free to ask!

Questions asked were:

  1. Can you prove conclusively the Bible is inerrant?
  2. Can you be saved after your physical death?
  3. In the election (2012 Presidential elections), was that God’s perfect will or was it God’s permissive will?
  4. Can you lose your salvation?
  5. What is your best evidence against evolution?
  6. What is the role of the nation of Israel today in God’s Kingdom?
  7. Why does the religious community appear to be against the scientific community?
  8. Why is Christianity right and all of the other religions wrong?
  9. Where do people go after they die, and is Hell a real place?
  10. Was the flood totally global, or was it local?
  11. Is it possible to have a relationship with God without being a Christian?
  12. If God made man and woman, why are some born intersex?
  13. If God is real, why does He allow all the suffering in the world?
  14. Why does Hebrews 6:4 give a warning about “falling away” if it is not possible to lose your salvation?

Great things are happening in Village One

As most of you know, CCC partners with with Bridge Church in North Omaha as we focus together on a large neighborhood we call Village One. There continues to be lots of great stuff happening in Village One so I thought I would give you a glimpse in this blog.

Youth Basketball League – Bo & Sarah Buettenback from CCC started a youth basketball league in Ralston this past year called Score4Sports. Now, in the 2nd year of the Score4Sports basketball league, they are partnering with teams from Village One and North Omaha (about 150 boys and girls) to create a super league with games each Saturday in Ralston. Volunteers from CCC and Bridge Church are helping to coach these youth who range from 1st to 6th grade. Most importantly, young people are being exposed to Jesus in a safe and fun environment.

Free Medical Clinic – About 6 months ago a group of doctors and nurses from CCC approached me with an idea to start some sort of medical work in Village One. They started a group called Bridge to Health and in partnership with Bridge Church and CCC have been investigating what God wants them do. The results: a free clinic open on Saturdays at Bridge Church that will provide free STD and pregnancy testing as well as health screening. There are still many details to work out but the goal is to start this clinic in the 1st quarter of 2013.

Fall Festival – On Halloween night CCC and Bridge Church partnered together for our annual Fall Festival. This evening of fun, food, and lots of candy provided a safe place for over 500 children from North Omaha to come experience the love of Jesus. CCC provided over 60 volunteers, food, and all the candy and the evening was a huge success for the Kingdom.


The Story of a Roadside Memorial

“Daddy, look! A Pinwheel!”

Duncan squealed with glee at the sight of the pinwheel as we waited at the stop light. I looked over and saw the pinwheel, amidst the makeshift memorial for some unknown person. As habit, I said a brief prayer for the unknown victim’s family and friends.

Since moving into our home, in the fall of 2006, I’ve driven through the 132nd & Blondo intersection thousands of times. I stick to the same pattern when driving on it. When heading west on Blondo, people usually get in the left lane since the road goes from four lanes to two soon after the intersection. This can cause backup at the intersection, so people will line up in the right lane attempting to speed ahead of all the cars in the left lane. The cars in the left lane don’t want to be passed, so they speed ahead as well trying to not let the cars in the right lane merge. All while doing this at 40-50 mph in a metal object. (more…)