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The Power of Sabbath

About a year ago, I started having my Sabbath on Mondays. The great thing about having it on Mondays was it became a real Sabbath. Before, when it was on Sundays, it wasn’t a day of rest. Because of my work as a pastor, Sundays were always a work day of some sort. Yes, I could rest Sunday afternoons, sometimes, but the Sabbath is suppose to be about an entire day of rest.

You would think this would be an easy principle/law for Christians to follow, but it isn’t. I’m surprised by how many people in the church think taking a Sabbath isn’t a reality for today. I find this odd. Even when I made the switch to Mondays, one individual (who has been a Christian for a long time) asked me if it was really necessary to have a day off during the week. Yes, yes it is. Just because you choose not to take a Sabbath, doesn’t mean I should abide by your faulty thinking. Sunday is a work day for me. If I didn’t take Monday off, there wouldn’t be a day off from work. (more…)

Online Campus: Highs, Lows and a New Streaming Video Provider

The first year of the Online Campus continues to bring highs, lows, and everything in-between.

Two Sundays ago, I walked out of church feeling defeated. Nothing went right with the service. That afternoon, I was determined to set things right. I needed to, because we were getting ready to add additional services, events and classes to the Online Campus.

The streaming video provider was working hard to resolve issues we had been having since mid-July, but it wasn’t working. In August, when it failed for the entire service, I posted an apology video online. My patience was wearing thing. In September, three of the five Sundays we saw failures, of varying degrees, from our streaming video provider. After the last one, two Sundays ago, I made the decision to not use them again. We gave them official notice a few days later. (more…)

supplies from CCC headed to Mali

One of the really valuable ways we are able to bless our partners in Mali, West Africa, is to send them supplies and materials they can’t easily get in Africa. This past weekend a group of volunteers from CCC helped load our third sea container over the last two years. Some of the items on this container:

  • Tractor and Planter
  • Tons & tons of school supplies for Bethel Bible College
  • Medical supplies for the Hospital for Women & Children
  • Woodworking equipment and tools for Bethel
  • Laptop computers for Bethel graduates
  • and lots, lots more.

It should take about two months for the container to reach Mali, so what a nice Christmas our friends in Mali will have.

I love this part of our ministry because God has blessed the people of CCC with so much, and this is one of the great ways we can use that blessing to really impact the people of Mali.

Lives will be saved at the hospital, Pastors will be trained at Bethel, and people will find Jesus because of your sacrifices. Thank you CCC.

Project 4:4 – What You Missed

Greg Nunamaker, CCC’s Web Manager and all-around creative guy, produced another animated Project 4:4 recap. An amazing job by Greg, once again. Here are both animated recaps he has created this year.


On-line Jesus Class starts tonight!

A few important details if you’re thinking about checking out the Jesus Class tonight.  Many will be showing up live for the class at the Student Center here at Old Mill tonight at 7:00pm.  But what about those who are going to check it out online.  How will that work?

Just like any class there’ll be…

  1. A teacher (that’s me).
  2. A classroom – your browser located to our online campus:
  3. Students: those who are in the Student Center with me and others who are dialed in on the web with you.
  4. Interaction!  You’ll be able to watch what’s going on in the class.  You’ll be able to chat while the class is going on.  You’ll be able to ask me questions during our time together!

I have been getting some questions about the resources we’ll be using.   Here are some FAQs….

I am watching the class on-line.  Do I need to get a book that goes along with the class?

No.  Our text is going to be the Gospel of Mark in a manuscript format.  You can download the section of text we’ll  be looking at each week by hitting on a link at the on-line campus.

When will the materials be available at the on-line site?

We already have the link posted on the on-line campus.  That link will go live sometime this afternoon.  Each week you can find the on-line campus a few minutes early, hit the link and then go to the resources we’ll be using that week.  Each week we’ll post the section of the manuscript we’ll be using that week.  We’ll also post any handouts I’ll be referring to in class. We’ll also have a home-work resource that will help you keep moving through Jesus Class on your own till the following week.

Will all a hard-copy of all the resources be available somewhere for purchase?

Absolutely!  If you are local, swing by CCC Old Mill Campus.  We’ll be selling the binder with all the materials in it along with your very own set of colored pencils for $10 (please pay with cash or check).  You can find those binders at the Resource Booth in the Atrium – along the right hand side as you face the Worship Center.


Here’s what I’d suggest if you’re planning on doing the Jesus Class on-line.

  1. Go to the online campus site today sometime just so you can find it.  While you’re there hit on the schedule link and send an invite to someone else you think would enjoy checking it out.
  2. Clear away your schedule tonight starting at 7:00.  Show up at the online campus a few minutes early so you can at least download the Manuscript for Week 1.  Print it off and have it handy along with a pen and a highlighter.
  3. The rest you can worry about later.  Jump into the on-line experience .  When it comes time to discuss an idea or a process question, don’t be shy – give us your thoughts.

Hope to see you tonight.  I’ll be the guy on stage sweating profusely as I engage a slightly more complicated class than I’m used to.  Come check it out!

Tim Perry

Pastor of Spiritual Discovery – Christ Community Church