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Beyond The Message: More Q&A From The Gay Debate (Part 3)

At the third installment of The Gay Debate, we weren’t able to answer the numerous questions that people asked. In this Beyond The Message video, Tim Perry and I try to answer a few more questions that he couldn’t address because of time constraints at Gathering.


Online Campus: Six Months Later

On February 5, 2012, the Online Campus had its first service. It has been live for six months now. Here are some statistics with the Online Campus.

  • Average attendance of 215
  • Over 4,700 unique visitors
  • Visitors from every state and over 35 countries
  • Nearly 100 prayer requests via the page, and over 75 through social media
  • Attendees connected to Benevolence, Renewal, and other ministries
  • One attendee baptized at Baptism on the Green (more…)

An Apology for the August 19 Online Campus Service


For those of you who tuned in to watch the Online Campus service today, we’re sorry about the quality of service. Our media streaming company experienced an outage, and I was relegated to using my iPhone to stream the service. At first, I set it up in the Worship Center sound booth and pointed it at the stage. Then, we got a monitor in an enclosed room where I could point the camera at it and turn up the volume. Not ideal, but we managed!

Thanks to Marc Birkey and Jordan Johnson for helping me figure out a solution on the fly, and to Jana Murphy and Paul Graff for managing the chat room conversation while video was down.

Here’s a pic of the setup this morning.