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A Piece of Broken Pottery (One Year Later)

 If you watch one episode of evening news, you know our world is broken. And its getting worse. The fixes for the ills are not easy assignments. They are not short term. They are not going to have compensation packages. They will take decades or lifetimes. God is looking for some strong shoulder leaders who will take tough assignments. People who are willing to be attacked. People who will sign up for anything.

–Bill Hybels

When you go to a conference you can be overloaded with new ideas and concepts. You’re entertained by the speakers and presentations. But what is the lasting impact? What sticks with you six months later, after the swell of the conference subsides?


Answered Prayer (We Have A Minivan!)

ME: (answering iPhone) Hello?
ANONYMOUS: Hey Robert, what are you doing?
ME: Just working on what I’m going to say for baby dedications tomorrow.
ANONYMOUS: You want to go shopping?

Where to start.

Being Proven Wrong, Thankfully

Being the Online Campus Pastor I often hear a lot of jokes about what my job entails. They are usually the same jokes with slight variations.

“You’re an Online Campus Pastor? What do you do all day? Facebook? Surf the web? Drink coffee?”

I roll with it. What am I going to say, that Facebook, surfing the web and drinking coffee aren’t part of the job? (Okay, drinking coffee isn’t part of my job requirements. However, don’t be surprised if the local Starbucks is the next CCC multi-site.) (more…)

Beyond The Message: Servant Songs

In the latest Beyond The Message, I sit down with Tim Perry to discuss the Servant Songs. Tim and I briefly touch on each one of the four “songs”, which are found in the Book of Isaiah.

To watch or listen to Tim’s message, click here.


the latest update from Mali

In March of 2012 there was a military coup in Mali and the President was kicked out. The northern half of Mali has been largely taken over by Muslim fundamentalists while the south part of Mali remains free. The CCC hospital and other work in Mali is in the south.

Here is a latest update from the Christian & Missionary Alliance Field Director in Mali, Mr. Al Stombaugh:

As far as the political situation here, things continue to move at a snail’s pace.  The biggest change I have seen is the ratcheting up of the pressure for the government to intervene in the north.  As you probably are aware, the MNLA has been run out of Gao and now Ansar Dine and AQUIM control all three major cities.  They are destroying ancient holy sites and imposing charia law with a new vigor and this has provoked an outcry by the population in the south to take action. The international community have made statements over the last two days indicating that there is a new openness and some movement towards possible military intervention, although most agree that it will take some time still to prepare the Malian army and international forces for this.

Other than that, life goes on pretty much as normal here in Bamako and in Koutiala.  Here in Bamako our team is in full ministry mode.  It is so encouraging that in spite of all that is happening the Lord is still opening doors for ministry.  The team in Koutiala (where the hospital and Bethel are located) seem to be doing well. Thanks for upholding each of these in prayer.

Online Campus Summer Promo [Video]

We’re already five months into the life of the Online Campus, and it’s been a huge success. One of the great things about the Online Campus is if you are away from your physical campus, like Old Mill or Sarpy, you can stay connected via the Online Campus.



Thank You, Church Online

Did you hear about the storm that hit the Washington DC area a few days ago? Let me rephrase that… Did you notice Netflix, Pinterest and Instagram being down the past few days? Yeah, me too.

The storm that hit in the DC area knocked out Amazon’s “Elastic Compute Cloud”, in northern Viriginia, that those companies rely on. Those services were out for awhile. While those were the major services which were knocked out, a number of smaller companies lost their services as well. One being Church Online.

At the Online Campus, we use Church Online’s platform to host the services and chat with people. It’s a great service which is free. This morning, when we were prepping for the Online Campus service, we kept getting errors when trying to get everything ready for the service. We sent Church Online a quick tweet about the issues we were having, and they quickly responded. They informed us* about the problems they were having in getting their services back up to speed.

*They had blogged about the issues they were having. We just didn’t see the post at the time.

I really appreciated their speedy response. More importantly, it was a reminder what a great service Church Online provides to our church for free.

We ended up having a tremendous Online Campus service, with few glitches. Church Online followed up with us later as well. I just wanted to publicly thank them for their services. They continue to do a great job for us, and their customer service has been some of the best I’ve encountered while developing and launching the Online Campus.