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Good Friday & Easter…Online

Like every year, we will have a number of Good Friday and Easter services planned at the Old Mill and Sarpy Campuses. This year, we are excited to have the services online. The Online Campus will have its Good Friday service at 7 PM CST, and its Easter service at 10:45 AM CST. Both services we will be chatting and available for prayer.

Since the big idea for this year’s Easter service is “Easter Outside the Box”, it makes sense to do it online as well! We hope to interact with you online at Good Friday or Easter. If you’d like, you can also invite a family member, friend, coworker…anyone to our Online Campus Easter service by sending them a Facebook invite.

We will have great music, some wonderful creative pieces, and a message from Lead Pastor Mark about the Temple and Jesus.

Update from Carolyn Thorson

Carolyn Thorson is a CCC international worker who, while home in Omaha on furlough from her work in Gabon, fell and broke her left wrist and tore up her left knee. Here is the latest update from Carolyn.

Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday I moved over to the Immanuel Fontenelle Home, room 167. I am in the Skilled Nursing Center. It is ranked one of the best in town.  My room phone is 402-717-6201. I have had the occupational therapist here already this morning but the physical therapist has not yet been here to give me a walker or get me into a wheel chair. I’ve not been down to the dining area yet since I can’t get there without a wheelchair so my meals have been brought to me. I will meet the Physical Therapist after lunch.

I do not have internet in my room but when I can get to the lobby I will connect my little Netbook computer up to the internet so I’ll be able to send emails I’ve written. I’m glad that at least I’ll be able to use my own computer with the internet instead of using only the hallway group computer. I told the Recreational Therapist who walked through my room that without having wireless they really didn’t meet the recreational needs of some of their patients. She said that they are working on it. It just hasn’t happened yet. I’m just glad I’ll at least be able to connect, when I get a walker and wheelchair and can get around. 🙂

I slept very well last night. Was comfortable as long as I took the pain medicines. Right now I’m hurting and waiting for my pills to work so I can eat lunch in comfort. My last leg surgery was only Monday so it has not been all that long since surgery.

I don’t really see a schedule here so don’t know from day to day when I’ll have therapy. When I can get up to meals they are also kind of come and go I’m thinking, nothing that I have to be there at a certain time but yet I need to make sure I’m done eating for when I have therapies, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy.

Visiting Hours are “Open Access” during Weekdays from 8am to 7pm and on the Weekends from 8am to 6pm.

Everyone seems nice here. I’m amazed at how many Africans work in the hospital and home situations. Some are nurses, some auxiliary helpers. They come from many countries in Africa so we have nice chats. I have two photo albums here with me and many people stop by and look at my photos.  Let’s just say that I never finished my Alliance speaking tour…(missed three churches in Kansas) but I’m still doing a lot of speaking!!!!

I appreciated a daily visit from a Pastor or full time person from my Omaha Christ Community Church so I’ve met some new people by their good visitation system. Thank you CCC. I even got to “Attend” church last Sunday through their online service. That won’t be possible here at this center because it requires wireless.

I can’t possibly thank everyone for all your support  but I can thank you for your prayers. I continue to need prayers as I strengthen my right leg and right arm that need to do the work for my other side. I will need surgery again in one month to take off the external fixater that is holding my left knee in place. Until those bars are taken off in a month, I will be doing NO rehabilitation on that knee/leg. It just needs to heel. After the fixater gets surgically removed sometime towards the third week in April, then I’ll start rehab on that leg.

I do not know how long I will be here at this skilled center. I might be here for the whole month before my next surgery or I might go “home”, wherever that is” and then go from there. All depends on many facteurs, including how well I can maneuver around from bed to walker to chair and back again. Absolutely no stepping down on my right leg though for a bout 3 months. At least that was the latest I heard.

Since i don’t know anything else to report at this time, I’ll sign off and get this sent later this afternoon when I’m able to branch my computer to the internet. Feel free to call and or visit.

Have a great day.

In Christ,

Online Campus Stickers (and Sightings)

The opened box of Online Campus stickers.


I’ve been a fan of Secret Penguin for awhile. Dave Nelson founded the “youth brand strategy and design agency” awhile back, and they do phenomenal work. A fun thing they do is give away stickers and ask people to take photos of them if seen in public.

I loved this idea, and I thought it would work well with the Online Campus. So, I copied the idea. (I owe Dave, and the rest of the Secret Penguin crew, some Red Mango.)

The Online Campus is already global, with people attending from Canada, India, Japan, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom and more. Plus, people from nearly forty states in America have attended. I just started sending out stickers to people, and I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of pictures we get back.

If you’d like a sticker, just send me your mailing address to

Sticker sighting in Colorado, courtesy of Christine Gerhart


Sticker sighting in Minnesota, courtesy of Christopher Hutton

Serving those who Attend the Online Campus

This past Sunday’s Online Campus service was the best yet. It’s easy for me to say that every week since this was our seventh service. Still, I thought it was.

The Online Campus Team and myself prayed with five people during the service. We have a prayer room available during the services for people to go to if they want prayer. Online it is instantaneous, private prayer with someone. People were wanting to talk, and pray, with someone after hearing Marc and Sharon Montanye’s story.


Beyond The Message: Women, Equality and the Bible

In the latest Beyond The Message, Online Campus Pastor Robert Murphy and Pastor of Spiritual Discovery Tim Perry discuss what appears to be inequality amongst men and women in the Old Testament. This question was spurred on by a question during the recent Online Campus service.

Connections and the Online Campus

“My family needs prayer please…”

We are six services into the life of the Online Campus. Numbers are trending up with attendance, and people are enthusiastic about the Online Campus after experiencing it. More importantly, through the Online Campus people are finding hope. They are drawing closer to Jesus. They are finding community. They are getting help with needs they have, whether it be mental, physical, emotional or spiritual needs.

This past Sunday, I received a prayer request during the service that started out, “My family needs prayer please…” The individual sharing poured their heart out in sharing the difficulties of life they are facing as a parent. It was heart-breaking to read the prayer request, but I was also grateful I could respond and help this individual. We exchanged messages throughout the afternoon, and I was able to get them connected with the right people at Christ Community Church.

The Online Campus is in its infancy, but I’m overwhelmed at how God is ministering to people through an online format. Again, I don’t pretend to understand everything with online church, or have all the answers, but people are being ministered to through it. People are hearing the gospel. That’s a good thing.

Last Sunday for Freedmen Sign Up

Freedmen Nebraska is a state wide men’s event in Lincoln Saturday, March 24. From 10 AM – 5 PM where men from Nebraska are encouraged and challenged by Husker coach Ron Brown, Husker AD Tom Osborne among others to steward our state because Christian men are such a powerful force. This event is for all men and young men 10+ and Christ Community has a package deal that gets you to the front door of the Pershing Center by coach bus with an event ticket for only $30 (purchasing ticket only is now $30). You can’t beat that! A bacon, egg and cinnamon roll breakfast for participants will be served at the church at 7:30 AM on the 24th for a small donation. March 18th will be the last Sunday to purchase the bus and ticket package at the booth in the Atrium. Invite your friends and join other men from the city and state to declare that you are a Freed Man.
For more information visit

CCC medical outreach team doubles their impact in Mali

If you were here on Global Summit Sunday you might remember how we told you about a CCC medical outreach team in Mali who was ministering in the village of Soun. This is the same village that the recent Alliance Life magazine called attention too in their article about a Muslim Imam’s son who recently came to Christ. Well, here is an update on that medical team and the impact of their mission and the amazing Kingdom results in the village of Soon and others.

The following was written by Craig Hanscome, the administrator of the hospital for women and children in Mali.
We had the joy of having a team of 7 come from Omaha to minister to Mali using their professional skills as health workers.  These doctors and nurses joined with other visitors, our missionary and Malian medical staff and pastors to reach out into two villages where there is no church.  In one of the villages, there are no known believers and in the other village, there is just one man who came to the Lord only a few months ago.

We drove in a convoy of 6 heavily loaded vans and SUV’s out to the village of Soun (pronounced “Soon”) where the son of the chief of the village was the only believer.   We unpacked, put up tarps to provide some shade and then tried to organize the 500 + men women and children who came to see the Doctors or to have our dentist pull rotted teeth.  The consultations slowed by late afternoon.  During the day, one of the men asked the pastors how he could become a believer.  Praise!!

After a meal shared around the common bowl (five eating with their hands from a large metal pan) we set up the projection equipment in the chief’s courtyard and showed an evangelistic film.  At the end the chief’s son, who has taken the name of Emmanuel, stood with the pastor as people were invited to become believers.  Over 20 children and youth responded to the call. 

Afterwards we learned that before we came to the village Emmanuel had had a dream in which Jesus appeared to him and asked him to take care of his lambs.  He realized when the children came forward that this is what Jesus was asking him to do.  The next Sunday the man who had accepted Christ was in church which is in the next village but not all the kids were allowed to come.  So Emmanuel and Pastor George are having a weekly meeting with them in their own village to disciple them.

The team spent the next two days seeing the Bible School families and getting ready for the next outreach.   Saturday found us once again on the road at 7am.  At the village of Pogosso we found an even larger crowd waiting for health care.  This time we were a bit better organized but ended up working until about 5 pm to see close to 800 people.  One case of meningitis and two malnourished preemies were evacuated to the hospital and the pharmacy stayed busy giving out meds while the doctors examined a seemingly never ending line of people.

In the evening meeting in the town square there were three women and two children who came forward to give their lives to the Lord.  They are the first believers in this village.  Pray for them and for Pastor Job who will come from the next village over to disciple them.  As we were packing up a man came to Marilyn and told her that in the days ahead many others would come to put their faith in Jesus. May he be one of the first.   We arrived home that night at 1 am, worn out in body but rejoicing in spirit.

The Goodness of God in a World of Injustice

Don’t miss the final Summit 2012 event tonight at 7:00pm in the Student Center at Old Mill.  Bring a friend and bring your questions.  Enjoy our new monthly format for Gathering.

The Goodness of God in a World of Injustice

Many struggle to believe the Gospel because they see the Church making such small impact in our world. Is the Good News really Good News if it isn’t bringing transformation to our communities?

Gathering hosts Josh Dotzler, co-pastor of Bridge Church in North Omaha for a look at what God is doing in our city. Hear Josh’s story of God calling a rising young talent to invest his life in the mission of Jesus right here in Omaha. Josh will challenge you with his passion for the Gospel as he shares his experience of seeing God work through people willing to serve and build his kingdom. Don’t miss this opportunity to see evidence of God’s reality in our city.



Fastest Three Minutes

A few years ago, we produced a video that setup the Joshua message series we were starting. In three minutes, we covered as much of Exodus through Deuteronomy that we could. The video was a parody of various sports shows’ two-minute drill segments where they covered a lot of information in a rapid pace style.