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New Mission trip to China in November

We are now taking applications for anyone interested in participating in a short-term mission trip to Beijing, China, from November 5 – 15.

This team will consist of up to 14 people and will divide into three smaller teams to participate in the following ministries:

Orphanage – The first part of the team will consist of up to 4 people who will minister to approximately 30 to 35 orphan children at our partner orphanage. Your time will include playing with the children and running a VBS-style ministry each day. The children’s ages range from 2 to 14 years old.

Vocational School – The second part of the team will consist of up to 4 people who will minister to approximately 80 college age students that are studying at a 2-year vocational school. The students are the best and the brightest from all over China, and are training to be future leaders in China. You will have opportunity to teach things like conversational English, music, and more.

Leader Training– Finally, the last part of this team which will consist of up to 4 people will be teaching leadership principles from “the Book”. Instructors are selected with great care based on ability to teach.

If you are interested in being a part of this team, please take the following two steps:

1. Email me at or call me at (402) 938-1575 to let me know of your interest so I can add your name to the list.

2. Fill out an application and send it back to me at CCC with your $250 deposit. Once I receive your application I will immediately set up an in-person interview.

Applications can be found at:

CCC Short-Term Application in Word format

CCC Short-Term Application in PDF format

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly via email or phone, or CLICK HERE to download a flyer with more information about this trip.

CCC volunteers have impact at Restored Hope

Restored Hope Apartments

One of the ministries in Omaha that I have really come to care about is called Restored Hope. Restored Hope is a Christ-centered transitional living program that transforms women to be emotionally, spiritually, and financially responsible citizens. Many of these women are single mothers who are just out of correctional facilities or are homeless and have come to Restored Hope to work towards a new start at life. Restored Hope relies heavily upon private donations and also has ongoing volunteer opportunities.

Rachel LeClair and Erin Blaszak learned about Restored Hope at Christ Community Church and decided to get involved. They initially got involved by joining the Maintenance Team in April. The Maintenance Team is comprised primarily of Christ Community Church members and meets at Restored Hope the second Saturday of each month to take care of ongoing maintenance and repair issues. Since that time, Rachel and Erin have continued participating in maintenance projects to help renovate apartments for new tenants.

Projects have included cleaning and decorating apartments and restoring furniture. Additionally, Rachel and Erin, along with Brian Bayliss, Crystal Thiele, and Andy Blaszak (Erin’s husband) – other Christ Community Church members, have gotten involved with the children who live at Restored Hope. While their mothers are in class, Rachel, Erin and Crystal put together activities for the children and spend time with them one evening each week. They hope to earn the trust of these children and serve as positive role models in their lives. Brian and Andy spend one-on-one time with an older boy who lives at Restored Hope and needs positive male role models in his life. This boy has had an abusive past, which has led to anger issues.

There are many ways others can get involved, such as monetary donations, apartment furnishing donations, maintenance work, mentorship, etc. For a complete list of activities or to learn more about Restored Hope’s needs, contact Dorie Peterson, Restored Hope Program Director, at 402-714-7185 or

introducing Eric Carpenter

I want to introduce to you Eric Carpenter, the newest member of the Outreach team at CCC. Eric has been working on our team now since the end of April and will be focused primarily on missions activities in the Omaha area.

How Eric even got to Christ Community is very much a God story. Eric moved to Omaha from Kansas City because he felt God called him to move here for some reason, even though he did not have a job waiting for him. Then, because he had heard of Christ Community Church through a friend, he just showed up one day and wanted to meet with somebody to learn more about what we do in missions.

Turns out that I was just beginning the process of looking for someone to add to my team, so Eric got an interview and it was pretty clear that God brought him here just for this job!

Eric has a great ministry background, having worked for ministries such as Sporting Marvels, Youth with a Mission, and Youth Works. In addition to his new job responsibilities here at CCC, Eric is also pursuing a Masters Degree in Theology.

Honestly, you won’t find a more friendly, outgoing, and genuine guy than Eric. I am so excited to have him on our team to see how God works in him and through him as we seek to impact Omaha for Christ.

You can connect with Eric on email at or find him on Facebook by searching for “Eric Carpenter Christ Community Church”.

The Hole Never Seemed Full!

I was in church growing up, active in choirs and youth group. While in college, I helped lead the Jr. High youth group and was a counselor at a church camp. I felt good about God but there was still this hole in my life. I drifted away from church as I tried filling it but the hole never seemed full. It wasn’t until Kim, my fiancé, brought me to church that I started to see how just big my hole had become. During the membership class at church I met Reid and we began a discussion that showed me that even though I had been around God I hadn’t accepted Christ as my savior. I filled that hole in February, asking Jesus into my heart. That hole is filled now and I have never been happier.

– Brian

Back in action, been out for a couple of weeks

Wow a lot has been happening in my world that I can’t wait to comment about. I’ve actually been in China for the past 15 days and have returned to a pile of backlogged work. New posts will be coming on that.

Also some reflections on the passing of a parent and what it means to be with a parent during their last days. I was so humbled at what I saw in my mom and have a few thoughts share about that.

Sprinkled in with all the transition more stories have been coming in from the May Intersections class. I’ll update the blog with those as well. Hope Summer is moving along OK with you and that you had a great Father’s day. My 9 year old son and my wife took me to see Thor! Hmm, come to think of it I have a few thoughts about that movie too!

More to come soon!

Tim Perry

Social Media Revolution!

Peru team update – God is bigger than Satan!

As I mentioned in my previous blog, only four of the six members of our medical team arrived in Peru last Sunday. We lost one member to an urgent medical problem last week, and then lost Dr. Martha Pinto at the airport in Lima, because she didn’t have a visa. As a citizen of Honduras, she asked at the Peruvian embassy if she needed a visa to enter the country long before her trip, and was told that she didn’t need a visa. But, when she arrived, immigration refused to let her enter the country, and sent her back to the USA!

Not one to give up so easily, Martha scurried around Atlanta the last few days and now has a visa stamped into her passport and is scheduled to fly back for free (Fly Delta!) tomorrow night to join our team for the rest of the medical campaign!

Kris Huber seeing patients

The team had their first day performing a medical clinic and it went very smoothly. As the medical team saw over 320 patients, the local church Pastors minister to the waiting patients and tell them about Jesus. The first report is that many made decisions to follow Christ.

Immediate Need – Flood Volunteer Recruitment

Hey everybody – the Missouri River and other tributaries are flooding at levels never seen in our lifetime. There is a great need for volunteers to help with the crisis this creates.

The flooding is expected to crest in Missouri Valley, a town in Iowa just 45 minutes away from Omaha, on Wednesday, June 8, 2011. We are connected with an Alliance church there named Grace Community Fellowship, which CCC planted a couple of decades ago. They, along with the whole town and anyone else they can mobilize, will be involved in a massive sand-bagging effort. Some will be sandbagging and some will help the church with moving and other benevolence needs.

Can you join in? If so, meet at Christ Community Church at 7 AM tomorrow – Tuesday, June 7, 2011. We will provide donuts and coffee, then leave immediately for Missouri Valley. Wear work clothes and bring a change if you like. You should bring a shovel, clearly labeled with your name, and work gloves. Also, please remember a sack lunch and plenty of liquids and a water bottle to stay hydrated.

You can stay as long as you want to. This is an emergency response, and not super highly organized. We will need to take a bunch of vehicles and you can leave with your driver when you need to leave. Feel free to bring any friends who might be interested in joining in.

You can also drive separately and meet at the middle school in Missouri Valley at 8 AM on Tuesday to volunteer. The address is 607 Lincoln Highway, Missouri Valley, IA.

How about kids? High school age and up can come with the whole group. If you are a parent bringing your kids, you can bring whatever age kids you think can work with you all day. No child care will be provided.

For additional questions, contact Eric Carpenter, CCC’s Outreach Coordinator, at 660.238.2596.

Whether or not you can come, please pray for mercy on all of the towns along the Missouri river and its tributaries. The damage caused this month may last for many months and they will need our prayers and support for much time to come.

Peru team difficulties

Every once in awhile we have a short-term mission trip that seems to struggle from the very beginning, and that’s how I would describe the short-term trip that is happening right now in Peru. Last Saturday a group of medical people from CCC left to work with Dr. Allen George in Peru to perform a medical outreach where people will receive medical care and hear the gospel. But this trip has been a struggle from the very beginning.

Stephanie, Martha, Vaughn, Jenn, Kristin, and Russ

To begin with, for some reason I just had a hard time recruiting people to go on this team. There was lots of interest, but a lot of people said they just couldn’t make it work this time. I was close to cancelling the trip until at the last minute the team size grew from 2 to 6 peole.

The team has trained and worked hard to get ready, only to have one of the team members, the team Pharmacist, need emergency surgery a few days before the trip – so she was out!

Then one of the team members, a doctor who is a citizen of Honduras, got turned away upon arriving in Peru and had to return to the US.

All of this leaves the team short-handed but it also makes me think that Satan has been working over time to distrupt this trip from the very beginning. God no doubt has great things in store for this ministry, so please pray that they will accomplish God’s mission and for God’s protection this week as they minister.

Reid Brown Week 5 Proverbs Journal Post

Proverbs 29:25

Fear of man will prove to be a snare but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe.

God places a unique desire in the hearts of men to engage in a battle worth fighting. Deep down inside a man wants to make a difference and be the kind of guy that can come through in a bind and deliver in the pinch. Having the courage to fight well for the things worth fighting for is fiercely opposed by the forces of evil. For when a man stands strong, it’s an incredibly powerful force for good. This passage warns us of the snare that prohibits a man from stepping out at taking risks in the battle. The fear of what man may do against one who stands for God can be both physical and mental. I believe the bigger battlefield occurs in our minds as we fear what others may think or say about us taking a stand. This fear causes worry and anxiety over potential loss.

The contrast to this fear is trust – trust in the Lord. When a man demonstrates trust in the Lord, there is protection over our minds. The mighty Lord provides his armor, a helmet to keep our minds protected from the attacks from fear. I’m challenged to demonstrate my trust in the Lord by expressing that desire of trusting Him and stepping out into the difficult situations that I may shy away from. One of those difficult situations that come to my mind recently is the need to loving confront sin in another person’s life. The fear of rejection, loss of friendship or being misunderstood stand in my way.

Lord, help me to grow in your strength and perspective. I want to be bold in sharing and leading for your glory. Release me from fear and assure me that I will be safe in your hands.