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Percolating in the Brain

Last month we were asked to evaluate our lives with three questions

1. In terms of eternity, how important is this?
2. Am I living my life with my bags packed?
3. Do I have an alien/sojourner mindset?

I promised in a previous blog entry to keep you up to date on how those questions were “percolating in my brain.” I like using the word percolate. It triggers mind pictures of my grandparents percolating their coffee and the smell of coffee.

Webster defines percolate as: “to filter hot water through to extract the essence.” What I also like about percolating is that the longer the water runs through the coffee, the stronger and richer the flavor. It is my goal in life to make time where verses from the Bible, or questions/thoughts/ insights from people smarter than me can percolate in my brain.

My life is richer because of those three questions.

1. I like to think I don’t get as easily upset over something that doesn’t happen like I want.
2. We are having a garage sale – does that count? You know, trying to eliminate clutter.
3. “Just passing through.” That is what comes to mind when I look at question #3. I guess I’m noticing more people in the obituary page who are dying younger than me.

Dr. Jerry Root spoke via video last week at the Sarpy Campus. He challenged us to “notice God” and want “a large portion of God.” He said that if there was only one star in the heavens, that enough should cause us to be in wonder and awe for God.

I’m realizing that if I notice God more, then maybe I can have the sojourner mindset.

God, help me to notice you more each day. In traffic, at the grocery store, paying bills, or taking time to watch shadows from a tree move across the patio.

Bikers-Blues & BBQ

Wow! What fun!
That is basically my answer when I’m asked how the first annual: Bikers-Blues and BBQ went last Sunday. From a casual observation the weather was perfect, the food was fantastic, music by Route 316 was great, and the gathering of bikers and their bikes was impressive. Well over 50 bikes representing 5 motorcycle chapters from Bellevue, Omaha, and Council Bluffs area joined us for worship at either the 9 or 10:45 services. Afterwards we served over 400 meals of pulled pork or chicken by our favorite BBQ team “Three Blind Pigs.”

Those were all big factors that made the day special, however, there was something more. I came away with a huge smile because of seeing many people from various backgrounds meeting new friends, having fun together, and talking about life and bikes, or was it, bikes and life?

The true highlight was the worship time. Route 316 led us in worship and reminded us that we had the privilege to bless the Lord with our singing and worship. God was blessed and many who came were blessed too. Thanks for a great time. After Sunday I have more friends and an appreciation for those who wear chaps.
Thanks to all those who brought friends, introduced themselves to first time guests, emptied garbage or who shared an extra lawn chair or blanket. You helped make the day fun!
Steve Walters
Christ Community Church-Sarpy Campus Pastor
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402.330.3360×305 – office

Eternal Beatitudes

This week I realized that our recent sermon series on “Five Minutes After” and our current sermon series on the “Sermon on the Mount” have a lot in common.

The questions that we were asked during a sermon on eternity were:
1. In terms of eternity, how important is this?
2. Am I living my life with my bags packed?
3. Do I have an alien/sojourner mindset?

Last week , a 42 year old friend of mine was found dead. As a result question two has been percolating in my brain. Then, it is not coincidence that the beatitude I have been memorizing this week is “blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”

It is during times like this I take time to ask myself two questions. God what are you trying to teach me about yourself? AND God what are you wanting to teach me about myself?

So far? So far I’m realizing that not only do I need to view life with an eternal perspective, I also need to realize that the beatitudes are eternal beatitudes. Beatitudes that not only apply for the future, but also for today. I take comfort in that.

May Day or Mayday?

My son was in early grade school. They were instructed to make a May basket out of construction paper. Tony did well, making a yellow basket with well cut blades of green paper. The handle was sturdy. However, connected to the handle was an airplane in a downward trajectory into the basket. Tony thought he would have a dual meaning to the word May Day and make it also mean “mayday” as in when a pilot is in trouble. I still have that creative piece of art and can’t help but smile thinking of how smart my son is. OK, you may call it what you want, I call it creative and intelligent.

We are into May and have also hosted 14 services at the Sarpy Campus. Thankfully, we are not saying “mayday, mayday” but we are celebrating May Day here in Bellevue! Thursday I gave an update to the CCC staff on what is happening at the Sarpy Campus. It was fun to talk about how we are involved helping with a graduation carnival at Lewis and Clark Middle School, how we are painting tables at Haworth Park for the City of Bellevue, and how we are having on May 18th a Bikers, Blues and BBQ after church on Sunday, to name a few.

More importantly we are seeing people investigate what it means to be a follower of Jesus along with many adults joining Journey groups. We are also seeing great excitement in Children’s Ministry with Back Yard Bible Clubs for the month of June.

Robb Bell in his book “Velvet Elvis” states: “The church is at it’s best when it gives itself away.” He goes on to say, “God chooses people to be used to bless other people.” Later in the chapter he makes an interesting observation. “For Jesus, everything is upbside down. The best and greatest and most important are the ones who humble themselves, set their needs and desires aside, and selflessly serve others. The church doesn’t exist for itself; it exists to serve the world. It’s about all the people God wants to bless through the church.”

I’m thankful for both campuses of Christ Community Church passionately pursing to be a church Rob Bell described.