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5 minutes after

This week, we start a series called “5 minutes after”. It is short for “What happens 5 minutes after I die?” There will be ads on TV in Omaha and on the net as well as a website

We are welcoming questions and feedback at this site as well as our normal CCC site. Here was one question that came in yesterday:

“How do you know what happens? And don’t tell me the Bible cuz its full of lies and contradictions. I just want to know where you get your hard core proof of what happens!

Great Question! I am so glad you asked. The place where you find your evidence is critical. Here is a question I would ask in response:

What would be enough evidence for you to determine what happens on the other side of death? What if there was some kind of a miracle-guy, who said he could tell you about the other side of death? What if he did miraculous healings to prove his credibility? What if he bent the laws of nature? What if he raised people from the dead? What if he predicted his own death and resurrection and then pulled it off?

Would you believe that guy? If no, what evidence would work for you?

I can’t find a source in the universe who is more credible than Jesus. If I have to find bout about life after death, I want to know from somebody who has been there.

As for the contradictions in the Bible, I’d invite you to bring all of your questions, comments, lies and contradictions to “Gathering.” It is our 12:30 venue in the Student center that has a similar message, but always opens up to question and answer. Bring your hardest questions and your biggest skepticism to “Gathering” and we’ll do our best to respectfully discuss them together.

I have looked at dozens of potential lies and contradictions in the Bible and have always found a good answer to understand them better. I’ll bet you would too! But we love the questions, so come on out, or post them here!

Getting Past Fear – Way to Go Carrie!

I am soooo thrilled when I see people learning what Carrie writes about below! Check it out if you haven’t read it yet! She’s discovering the power and joy of being a RISKS kind of disciple. Disciples “Initiate interest in the Gospel.” Plain and simple. If inexperience and fears stand in the way, training and encouragement is a great way forward into risk-taking growth. Carrie is a Christ Community attender who I get to chat with just about every week. I’ve watched how she’s exposed herself to solid training, faced her fears about evangelism and discovered that speaking to others about Jesus is a perfectly healthy experience that builds with time.

Keep an eye on the Spiritual Discovery page to find out what’s going on evangelism – especially training opportunities that are offered at CCC Old Mill. If you’ve got a great story of what you’re learning or what you see God doing to reach others, send me an e-mail. We’d love hear what’s happening and get the word out!

Evangelism Terrified Me – What if God Doesn't Show Up?


Thanks for chatting yesterday. Here is a little of my experience in my evangelism/seeker small groups. Thanks for reading and giving me the opportunity to verbalize a journey that has been so significant for me. God is teaching me in my heart and experiences, not just in my head. He’s teaching me about who he is and that he truly does love me! The depth of this is what seems to be hard for me to describe.

I have always known that evangelism is very important, there is no getting around it, but to be frank, it terrified me. If it is so important that means I could really mess it up! Yikes, that is a lot of pressure! What if I don’t know an answer? What if someone just says, “No, I don’t believe that, go away and stop pushing your beliefs on me.” And the ultimate fear, the one, I am not really wanting to admit, I know I cannot do it myself and what if God doesn’t show up?

So I came to the Lord with my fears and said, “I am willing, terrified, but willing – show me what to do next”. My first step was Spiritual Intersections – the evangelism training put on at CCC. It seemed pretty safe, and as it turned out, I was delighted to have my perspective on evangelism change.

I always felt that to “do” evangelism I had to knock on doors, hand out tracks on the street, or engage people the second I meet them in deep conversations about faith, asking them to make a decision. Not being an extrovert or a great conversationalist this sounded like torture. After taking the class I realized I had some misconceptions about the whole event.

I learned that evangelism is about being intentional, relational and caring for others. It is more about asking questions, learning about them, their interests, favorite foods, their family, etc. It is about sharing life, helping others and allowing them to help you. Naturally, questions may deepen, what they think about the world, their pains, their joys…hmm…this started to sound familiar…it started to sound a whole lot like friendship and love. So, was I willing to initiate friendships and genuinely love others? Was I willing to allow it to not be about me, but about God? Absolutely!

I have now started to lead a seeker small group and I am loving it. The pressure is off, my goal is not to get someone to see my view, to accept my truth, to get a decision made, but to reach out, to love genuinely, to engage with people, to ask questions and allow God to bring up the opportunities to answer questions about Him. What a delight it has been to see God lead. In the process I have grown deeper as I realize I don’t have all the answers. It can be so exciting to search and to end up being blessed myself as God’s truths sink deeper into my heart and mind. Even as I write this I think, you know, my deepest fear has been my greatest encouragement. Thank you, LORD, what could bring my heart deeper joy than seeing you move, You continually “show up”!

Thanks again!